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Telmo & Tula: Little Cooks (ENG)

Telmo & Tula: Little Cooks (ENG)

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Telmo & Tula: Little Cooks (ENG)
  • Muesli

    In the early morning, little cooks prepare a very healthy breakfast; fruit muesli.

  • Apple Toast

    Is cottage cheese a fresh cheese? Tula will learn that sometimes Telmo is right.

  • Chocolate Cake

    S1 E4 : Telmo and Tula decide to prepare a delicious chocolate cake.

  • Anchovy and Tomatoe Sandwich

    S1 E5 : Little cooks prepare a special sandwich made of anchovies and tomato and also a strawberry shake.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    S1 E6 : ‘Chocolate chip cookies’ is the delicious recipe for today.

  • Bread Rolls

    S1 E7 : The recipe for today is bread rolls. This is a hard recipe to prepare, so little cooks you must pay a lot of attention if you want to become a great Chef.

  • Jam and Cake Roll

    Where are Telmo´s “superpowers” while they make a fantastic jam and cake roll?

  • Crab Meat Sandwich

    While Telmo decides if he is a cheese sandwich or not, Tula explains the ingredients needed

  • Chocolate Truffles

    Chocolate truffles’ is the desert for today.

  • Pizza

    Margarita Pizza is the recipe for today. With a lot of cheese and tomato!

  • Birthday Cake

    It’s grown-up’s birthday! Little Cooks want to make him a surprise birthday cake.

  • Apple Pie

    While Telmo keeps sneezing with the flour, Tula explains how to make a wonderful apple pie.

  • Tuna Sandwich

    For lunch, little cooks will prepare a tuna sandwich and a mango and pineapple shake.

  • Homemade Bread

    Between hard kneading and volcanoes, these little cooks will actually manage to prepare some nice bread.

  • Stuffed Tomatoes

    The oven will be working all the time today. So grown-up will be helping during the entire recipe.

  • Crepes

    Telmo and Tula use their imagination to create a variety of crepes.

  • Lemon Cookies

    While singing, Telmo and Tula prepare superb and tasty lemon cookies.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice cream is the recipe that little cooks present.

  • Veggie Sandwich

    Today, Telmo and Tula are going to the zoo and they will need to bring their own food.

  • Banana Split

    Fun, delicious and really easy to make! Banana Split. What a wonderful desert!

  • Muffins

    Telmo and Tula love to make delicious muffins while our friendly grown-up is there to help.