Telmo & Tula : Arts & Crafts (ENG)

Telmo & Tula : Arts & Crafts (ENG)

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Telmo & Tula : Arts & Crafts (ENG)
  • Telmo & Tula Arts Compilation - Kite

  • Pillow

    With the use of some old T-shirts and the help of a grown-up we can prepare some really cool pillows for our bedroom. Telmo and Tula will create their own and will show us all the process of cutting, painting, stuffing and sewing.

  • Guitar

    For those of us who really like to sing, we should follow the steps of this craft. Telmo and Tula show how to make a guitar from a small card box and elastic string. Now, every time we sing, we can accompany with the sound of a guitar.

  • Tic Tac Toe

    We don’t always have clay at home. So, whenever we feel like we want to model with clay, here is a recipe presented by Telmo and Tula on how to prepare our own clay with the use of cooking ingredients.

  • Collage

    This is a really easy and fun craft. With Telmo and Tula, we learn how to create cool images by using all the old magazines we can find. We cut and glue and create master pieces.

  • Masks

    For this craft, Telmo and Tula use coloured paper and draw over it some really nice animal masks. From Telmo and Tula’s tips, we can use our own creativity to make our animal masks.

  • Clay Jewelry

    Using little pieces of coloured clay, Telmo and Tula show how to create jewellery to combine with your own fashion style.

  • Bowling Pins Part 2

    Telmo and Tula continue the game until they finally win all the materials to prepare the craft. With plastic bottles painted in different colours Telmo and Tula create a fantastic bowling craft.

  • Bowling Pins Part 1

    This time, to prepare their amazing craft, Telmo and Tula will participate in a game where in order to get the materials they need for this craft, they will have to win them. It will be a lot of fun!

  • Robot

    A game takes to another one, and in this occasion, we´ll see the children make their own robot! While the children are occupied, Adult hits his head with Paquito, affecting to his personality! What would the children do?

  • Wig

    Grown-up misses brushing his hair, as it’s quite a while ago that he lost it. Telmo and Tula will create a fantastic wig with pieces of wool for him. We will see that it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser to change your look from time to time.

  • Jelly Face

    In this time, Telmo and Tula fused their knowledge in arts & crafts and cook to make a fantastic mask made of gelatin! We will see the children return to the kitchen and enjoy seeing them prepare a new plate.

  • Hairy Plant

    We will manage to make our own garden with a piece of some tights, earth and some seeds. You will see how much fun it is to see hair grown on a plant…

  • Zootropio

    Grown up is on the verge of finishing his new painting, but the children fight themselves among them and they make him cry. Sorry, they apologize and they decide to prepare to Adult a Wheel of life, so that Grown up recovers its habitual smile!

  • Kite

    It is a great day to go to the park and the perfect day to learn to make a kite and make it fly to the clouds!

  • Poster

    We are going to make some signs with cardboard and paint, so that we can hang them on the doors at home. As well as that, Grown-up will give us a few lessons on how to use the hula hoop…

  • Snow Ball

    Telmo and Tula will suggest a great idea to use all of the plastic dolls that we have at home and don’t know what to do with. We will make a snow ball with them. We will make a snow ball with water, glitter and plastic dolls.

  • Insects

    An annoying fly has interrupted Telmo and Tula’s program and it has inspired them to make the handicraft of this episode. They will show us how to make an insect mobile with paper maché.

  • Snowman

    Thanks to the help of Grown-up, we will learn a new technique for doing handicrafts with paper. With paper curls, we will manage to make amazing creations, and even have a snowman in front of the house without melting.

  • Balloon

    Telmo can’t seem to blow up a balloon without it exploding. His sister Tula is going to help him to make a balloon with strips of paper, a yoghurt container, a few toothpicks and a few bits of rope. We will see if this balloon manages to survive Telmo´s clumsy hands!

  • Juggling Balls

    With a little rice and a few balloons, we will learn to make some juggling balls which will be so professional that we can go and work in the circus!

  • Bunch of Clay Flowers

    Paquito is a little bit sick and Grown-up has taken him to the vet. Telmo and Tula decide to make a bunch of flowers and surprise Paquito when he comes home.

  • Clay Animals with Magnets

    With a little bit of coloured clay, white glue and a small magnet, we can redecorate the fridge in our houses, while learning to make clay magnets. We will see that Paquito doesn’t think it’s such a good idea…

  • Paper Mache Taxi

    We will learn the technique of paper maché whilst constructing a car over a plasticine mould. Later, we can apply this technique to make anything that we want to decorate our bedroom.