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Sing With Leo (ENG)

Sing With Leo (ENG)

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Sing With Leo (ENG)
  • Count 1-10

    Learn numbers 1 to 10 with this numbers song for kids. Today Leo the Truck, Lifty the Loader and Scoop the Excavator are going to help you count numbers.

  • Teeth

    This is the way we brush our teeth with Leo the Truck! Look, Leo, Scoop, and Lifty brush their teeth with the toothpaste and toothbrushes. Do you brush your teeth every day, twice a day?

  • Suitcase

    Come watch a big cartoon compilation with the best songs for babies to dance along with and nursery rhymes for babies with Leo the trucks and his friends, cars, trucks, and vehicles that go! Today Leo the truck is packing his suitcase and singing a suitcase kids' song!

  • Cookie Jar

    Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? - and sing with Leo the Truck and his friends - robots for kids, cars and trucks! The ABCD song for babies and the number song, the wheels on the bus go round and round song for children and five little monkeys jumping on the bed rhymes, months of the year...

  • With Leo

    Baby rhymes in cartoon videos for babies. Sing with Leo the Truck and his friends - kids' cars and trucks for kids

  • Spider

    Today Leo the Truck for kids and his friends - Scoop the Excavator and Lifty the Loader will learn different baby songs for kids and nursery rhymes for babies.

  • Bingo Train

    Leo the truck for kids, what are you going to build today? Sing a song about it! Watch song cartoons and baby song videos with Leo the truck and learn new super simple kids rhymes and songs for children! Leo the inquisitive truck is putting parts together... He’s building a train!

  • Bingo House

    Watch Leo the Truck build a house and learn letters for kids (English alphabet). Today, we are going to learn the word HOUSE!

  • Jobs

    Leo the Truck, what do you want to be? An artist, or maybe an astronaut? I can choose a job of any kind but I need to make up my mind. I will become a doctor today!