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  • Eclipse

    The Go Family are joining the Make Family as they go to Everyday Hill to watch the eclipse wearing their special glasses.

  • Kring! Shorter Shorts: Battlefield

    Mael bravely traverses the dangerous battlefield that we know as Pop Quiz.

  • Vanilla Ice Cream

    Vanilla Ice cream is the recipe that little cooks present.

  • The Future is Here!

    Talking about the future and space travel seem to go hand in hand. That’s why Charlie opens this episode interviewing Spacesuit. He then faces a daring Games with Guests in a space capsule. There’s still more fun in store when it’s time to interview a Hoverboard from the future and Charlie loses ...

  • Everyone Needs Someone

    Nana's kite has got stuck in her house’s roof. As she goes looking for help from her friends, she ends up helping them instead. As she's feeling down, Gugu makes her understand that helping others is a way to help ourselves too.

  • The Colorful Car

    Today Misha saw her neighbour’s car in three different colors.

  • Ash and the Trash | Zehni (ENG)

    Ash finds a quicker way to get rid of his trash but soon realized that the quickest way is not always the best way.

  • Waffles

    Little Cooks will prepare great waffles today. The funny thing about making waffles is that later on you can make all kinds of yummy combinations with them.

  • Storytime

    It’s a stormy night in the town of Everyday and the thunder outside is keeping Sammy awake.

  • Music is Beautiful

    Pepe is playing with a flipped bucket as if it were a drum and Lili decides to join him. Soon, Toto comes by and also wants to join them as well. Suddenly they hear that there is someone else playing in the distance, and they discover that it's are Nana and Gugu. They will learn that music can ma...

  • Quique, the Toucan That Cannot Fly

    Toto invites all his friends to play at his house. Nana happily accepts, but asks if her friend Quique can go too, Toto agrees. When they all arrive at Toto’s house they realize that Quique can’t climb the tree, because he has an injured wing and it is impossible for him to fly or go up the stair...

  • How to Be a Big Brother

    Coco doesn't like the cookies that his older brother Roro makes,and the bedtime stories he tells are not very interesting. Coco wishes he was the older brother instead. Coco is so tired after being the older brother all day.

  • EP 8: Mina Tahan Ke? | Mina Mila (BM)

    Dengan semangat yang membara, Mina cuba sedaya upaya untuk tidak ponteng puasa. Mampukah Mina bertahan? Walaupun begitu, seketul donut telah hilang! Siapa yang tak puasa ini? Mungkinkah Mila?

  • Back To The Sea

    Kevin (Yuri Lowenthal), a young flying fish, lives in New York harbor. He dreams of leading his family back to Barbados - the mythical kingdom of the flying fish. One fateful day, his adventurous nature finds him captured by a fishing ship and delivered to the fish tank of a famous restaurant in ...

  • EP 11: Mana Ramadi? | Mina Mila (BM)

    Kelabu dan berbulu lebat. Itulah Ramadi! Haiwan peliharaan kesayangan Pakcik Yakob serta pasangan bermain catur. Hilang dari pandangan berhari-hari, membuatkan Pakcik Yakob risau dan sunyi. Ikuti Mina dan Mila dalam usaha mencari si kucing, Ramadi.

  • Band Rehearsal | Mini Town ENG

    Brulee and her friends are rehearsing on their instruments in the park for their school band, but the loud noise doesn’t seem to be too popular with other people. What will they do to get people to enjoy their music?

  • Kring! The Movie (ENG)

    When our imaginative Mael is discovered to have dyslexia, Teacher Suraya is more determined than ever to help him with his studies.

  • The Rescue

    Misha and friends want to go on an outing to the woods but, at the last minute her parents can’t take them, so Grandad offers to be their chaperone.

  • Movie Stars

    Lights, camera, action! On this episode about movies, Charlie welcomes two truly big stars: Popcorn and Movie Camera. Does Popcorn ever get tired of going to the movies? What kind of movies does Movie Camera like? After the interview, she shows Charlie and the audience how to make suspense scenes...

  • Holiday

    It's another Sunny Day in the Town of Everyday and the Go Family are getting ready to go on Holidays.

  • Birthday Cake

    It’s grown-up’s birthday! Little Cooks want to make him a surprise birthday cake.

  • Sepupu Saya Lisa | Comi & Bebe (ID)

    Semasa ibu bapanya keluar, sepupu Comi yang masih remaja, Lisa ditinggalkan untuk menjaga mereka. Lisa fikir menjaga Comi dan Bebe adalah sesuatu yang mudah tetapi dia silap!

  • Heroes

    It’s another sunny day in the town of Everyday and Mya Go and Emily Share are reading a comic book about superheroes and now they want to be superheroes too!

  • EP 2: Mesti Menang | Mina Mila (BM)

    Mila sedang bersiap sedia untuk Pertandingan Tahunan Ibnu Sina Junior ke-31. Mampukah Mila membuktikan yang dia mampu memenanginya seorang diri?