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Weird School B

Robocar Poli (ENG) • 13m

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  • The Secret of Poke

    At the construction site, Poke finds a dandelion while digging the ground. Poke decides to keep the dandelion alive and plants it in the remote area without telling anyone. Later, Poke finds out that the dandelion is in danger again because of new road being constructed in the area. Wanting to sa...

  • Where Are You, Jin

    Jin and children go on a field trip to woods and get caught in the rain storm. They quickly hind in the cave, but the stream is flooded and now they are trapped. On top of everything else, the walkie-talkie gets broken and they have no way to contact the rescue team. The rescue team, after failin...

  • I Want It

    Mini finds the snowball which Mr.Wheeler has lost. However, when Mr. Wheeler comes back to look for it, Mini lies to him, wanting to keep the snowball. Mr. Wheeler goes around looking for the snowball and falls into the pit in construction site. Mini, on the other hand, regrets for lying and look...