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New Friends

Robocar Poli S1 (ENG) • 13m

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  • Concrete Fuss

    Mr. Builder starts repairing water pipe. He cautions to guard the place until the concrete dried out after pouring the cements into the hole. When Mr. Builder gives cautions, Bruner is occupied with playing ball and does not pay attention. After all, Bruner falls into the concrete. Can the Rescue...

  • School B’s present

    School B buys the balloons for children as entrance gifts. However he fails to keep the balloons and loses the ballons into the sky. Rescue Team decides to help Spooky find all the balloons. Can School B give his presents to children?

  • Rescue team of Brooms Town

    One bright shiny morning in Broom's town, all the members of Rescue team, Poli, Roy, Amber and Helly are busy working.
    While Terry is carrying loads, his brake gets out of order and he runs very fast on the roads. Can Poli with Resuce team help Terry to stop?