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2 Seasons

Educational, Stories, Storytelling. Have fun and learn from great books

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  • Smile Is Sadaqah

    Episode 1

    Smile Is Sadaqah

  • Thats A Wrap

    Episode 2

    Thats A Wrap

  • Weather The Storm

    Episode 3

    Weather The Storm

  • Where Will The Children Play?

    Episode 4

    Everything is going wrong for Balqis today. It is a hot day but Balqis insists to go to the playground. Unfortunately, it is closed due to heavy pollution. With the help of her friend, Hawa, Balqis then discovers her role as a caretaker of the environment.

  • Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

    Episode 5

    Oh no! Yusuf and Sara dislikes the new vegetable and fruit they were offered. Papa and Mama asks them to say Bismillah, and have a bite!

  • Let's Go Ice Fishing

    Episode 6

    Isaac went for ice fishing! Isaac wondered how water turns into ice and ice melting.

  • Perfection Is Beauty

    Episode 7

    Yusuf and Sara attempt to throw the best, most perfect party for mum! It was going great but one by one, things started to go wrong...

  • Islam Is Beautiful

    Episode 8

    Sara, Nuha and Aisyah comforting their friend who felt different. They explain what is like to be a Muslim.

  • Allah Al Khaliq

    Episode 9

    Where do babies come from? Let's find out with Yusuf & Sara.

  • Allah Is Great

    Episode 10

    Yusuf & Sara learns about planets and solar systems.

  • Thank You Allah

    Episode 11

    What is the benefits of Dua? Papa and Mama explained to Yusuf & Sara.