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Pororo And a Dandelion

Pororo S1 (ENG) • 7m 55s

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  • Let's Save Loopy!

    Crong is walking by Loopy's house. He hears Loopy's scream for help. Startled Crong lets Pororo know about this. Pororo thinks that Loopy is trapped by a villain and decides to rescue her with Poby. However, the scream and the voice of the villain are from the shadow play that Loopy and Eddy are ...

  • Flying a Kite

    Pororo, Crong, Loopy, Eddy, and Poby are flying their own kites. They happen to match about whose kite can fly higher. Jealous Eddy is now flying his new, huge kite. His kite is so big that Eddy starts flying too. Our friends are holding each other one by one to keep Eddy from flying away. What w...

  • Loopy's Ruined Picture

    Pororo and Crong are at Loopy's place and waiting for Loopy to be home. They find a puzzle frame that Loopy completed. Pororo and Crong try to take a look at it alone and drop the puzzle... They're having a hard time completing the puzzle and start to worry about getting yelled at by Loopy. When ...