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Loopy's Ruined Picture

Pororo S1 • 7m 48s

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  • Eddy's Telescope

    Eddy is looking into his telescope. He thinks it's funny to see Poby falling on the ice. Eddy starts looking for others with his telescope to have more fun... Our friends start suspecting Eddy as he seems to know everything about what happened to them when they were alone. They find out that Eddy...

  • Be Strong, Loopy!

    Loopy and Pororo are making a snowman. Pororo starts teasing Loopy and runs away beyond the cliff. After chasing Pororo, Loopy is now on a narrow ice bridge. She gets scared on the bridge and bursts into tears. Loopy is so scared that she can't move a step. Loopy's friends cheer her up to help he...

  • A Match on the Ice

    Eddy is riding a sled on the hill. Poby tries to avoid Eddy but he ends up dropping all the balls he was carrying after crashing with Eddy. Poby's balls are everywhere on the ice lake. Eddy feels guilty and starts helping Poby gather the balls. As Eddy hits a ball toward the box with a stick, he ...