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Loopy's New Friend

Pororo S1 (ENG) • 7m 55s

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  • I'm Super Penguin

    Pororo and Crong decide to become a superhero after reading about a superhero fox who rescues his friends from danger. Pororo wants to become an awesome superhero who rescues Loopy. However, Loopy doesn't get into any trouble no matter how long Pororo waits. Pororo ends up making a trap by diggin...

  • The Amazing Tin Can

    Today, Eddy invented the phone by connecting cans and a thread. Pororo, Eddy, Loopy, and Poby get to have their own phone that Eddy made. They get to hear each others' voices at home. Pororo and his friends talk all night through their amazing can phones...

  • A Day In Forest Village

    Poby and his friends are meeting at ten in the morning at Eddy's place today. Eddy is testing his Do-it-all cooker and making popcorn until noon. They spend some time playing blocks, and it's already past 6:30 in the evening. Poby and Eddy cook for dinner. Our friends are all back home. Before go...