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I'm Sorry, Crong!

Pororo S1 • 7m 39s

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    After spending some time in boredom, our friends think of a new play. They plan to bring one dish for a lunch party. Each of them is excited to show their dish. Crong seems to have a good idea too. The next day, Loopy's cake, Poby's fish dish, Pororo's cookies, and Eddy's healthy salad were prepa...

  • Loopy's Gift

    Loopy measures Pororo's neck size and tells him not to ask anything. Pororo follows Loopy out of curiosity and finds out that she's making a muffler for him. Pororo thinks that Loopy likes him. It makes him blush and smile. The next morning, Pororo dresses up and goes to Loopy's place with flower...

  • Loopy's New Friend

    Loopy finds a mysterious object by the seashore and gets frightened. Our friends come to the seashore and find out that it was a monkey doll that says "I love you!" when its belly is pressed. Loopy was so afraid of the doll and hiding behind her friends in the beginning. But soon after, she becom...