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Happy Rody

Pororo S1 (ENG) • 8m 2s

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  • Rody is born

    Dark night when everyone is asleep, Eddy is making something. He is making his assistant robot, Robot Eddy- Rody. But while Eddy falls asleep, something goes wrong and the emergency warning light goes on and the alarm rings. Without knowing this, Eddy proudly introduces Rody to his friends. Rody ...

  • Everything looks amazing

    Popo and Pipi, who crash landed in Pororo's village, find Loopy's house empty and enter it while the others are out. While waiting, Popo and Pipi find something interesting- Loopy's paint brush. Popo observes the paint brush carefully but ends up putting it into his mouth. Surprised at the weird ...

  • Popo and Pipi

    Today Pororo and Crong are going to fly a plane that Eddy made. Pororo and Crong cheer when they see the penguin shaped plane specially made for Pororo, but the others are a bit skeptical about whether it will fly or not. Ready~. Take off! The penguin shaped plane flies up in the sky! Oh no... So...