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Eddy's Trip to Space

Pororo S1 (ENG) • 7m 46s

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  • Let's Play Doctor

    Pororo and his friends will play Doctor at Pororo's house today. When Loopy puts her stethoscope on Crong's belly, she learns that Crong is hungry as she heard the growling sound from his belly. The friends are surprised to see Loopy finding out that Crong is hungry. They think Loopy can read the...

  • The Strange Robot

    Eddy who wants to be the best inventor created an amazing invention today. It's his first do-it-all robot. He shows some skills of the robot in front of his friends. But soon after, the robot goes out of control and starts threatening Eddy's friends. It makes a huge mess and breaks down in the end!

  • I Have a Stomachache

    Pororo and Crong are fishing on the ice lake. Fortunately, Pororo is catching a lot of fish today. While Pororo is fishing, Crong is secretly eating up the fish that Pororo caught. After having too much fish alone, Crong has a stomachache now. Pororo stays up all night, reading about medicine to ...