Pinkfong Car Songs and Stories (ENG)

Pinkfong Car Songs and Stories (ENG)

Pinkfong Car Songs and Stories (ENG)
  • Tiny's Victory

    Tippie the dump truck goes out with his dad and helps the village from trouble! Tippie, you rock!

  • Tippie, the Dump Truck

    Today is the competition day in Mixie Land! Every cement trucks get ready to show off their skills! Find out who will win!

  • Competition in Mixie Land

    Don't worry! Red Fire truck is always ready when there is trouble! Help!

  • Lil's Red's First Fire

    Always ready for rescue! Lil and Red is ready to help whenever there is trouble! Let's go Lil and Red!

  • Train

    Come aboard on the train! Let's go on a trip anytime, anywhere with the choo-choo train!

  • Bulldozer

    Sing along with the mighty bulldozer! It can dig, push, crush and do much more!

  • Police Car

    You are watching 'Police Car,' a super fun car song created by Pinkfong. Eee-ooh, eee-ooh, here comes the brave police cars!

  • Fire Truck Song

    Wherever a fire breaks out, the fire truck goes out to put out the fire! Reer reer, honk honk!

  • Super Brave Cars

    Super Brave Cars to the rescue! When we need them the most, they will come to help.