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  • Learn Colors with Pinkfong

    Pinkfong is flying in the sky and all of the sudden the color of Pinkfong has changed! Learn colors with Pinkfong!

  • Competition in Mixie Land

    Don't worry! Red Fire truck is always ready when there is trouble! Help!

  • Brain

    Sing along with Pinkfong and learn about our brain! Learning is fun with Pinkfong!

  • Fire Truck Song

    Wherever a fire breaks out, the fire truck goes out to put out the fire! Reer reer, honk honk!

  • Brush Your Teeth

    Fun way to help your kids enjoy brushing their teeth! Sing along with Pinkfong and brush up and down!

  • Tippie, the Dump Truck

    Today is the competition day in Mixie Land! Every cement trucks get ready to show off their skills! Find out who will win!

  • Move Like the Dinosaurs

    Dance along to your favorite dinosuars! Shake and move like a dinosaur with Pinkfong Dinosaur songs!

  • If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive

    What would it be like if Dinosaurs were still alive?

  • Good Morning Song

    Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Come on and enjoy the day!

  • Lil's Red's First Fire

    Always ready for rescue! Lil and Red is ready to help whenever there is trouble! Let's go Lil and Red!

  • Train

    Come aboard on the train! Let's go on a trip anytime, anywhere with the choo-choo train!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Lets go on a trip with Jeni up above the sky to find the stars. Sing along with Pinkfong, Hogi, and Wonderstar Friends!

  • Bulldozer

    Sing along with the mighty bulldozer! It can dig, push, crush and do much more!

  • Police Car

    You are watching 'Police Car,' a super fun car song created by Pinkfong. Eee-ooh, eee-ooh, here comes the brave police cars!

  • Super Brave Cars

    Super Brave Cars to the rescue! When we need them the most, they will come to help.

  • The Great Dino Race

    Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Gallimimus are competing in a race. Will the confident Gallimimus win the race again this year?

  • The Cool Horns of Triceratops

    Triceratops lacks confidence because he thinks his three horns make him ugly. Will he be able to get along with his friends?

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex

    I’m the best hunter, Tyrannosaurus Rex!

  • Who am I?

    Come and see all your favorite dinosaurs! Sing along to kids' favorite Pinkfong Dinosaur songs!

  • Good Night Baby Shark

    The magical sparkles that help underwater friends go to sleep! Good night everyone! Sleep tight!

  • Venus

    Sing along with Pinkfong and learn about Venus in the universe! Learning is fun with Pinkfong!

  • Space Garbage

    Watch out! There are garbages floating in the universe! Let's clean up the garbage and make the universe a cleaner place!

  • Saturn

    Sing along with Pinkfong and learn about Saturn in the universe! Learning is fun with Pinkfong!

  • Blue Neptune

    Sing along with Pinkfong and learn about the Blue Neptune in the universe! Learning is fun with Pinkfong!