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New to Durioo+

New to Durioo+

New to Durioo+
  • Don’t Follow Strangers 1

    S1 E17 : Bebe is off to visit his grandparents to run an errand. On the way he meets the sneaky, mischievous Wolf Brothers who offer to take the neighborhood children to a field of magical trees.

  • Archers

    S1 E5 : Today Monster Cars for kids and monster trucks for children will build a toy pyramid and learn colors for kids.

  • Vegetables Are Delicious

    S1 E27 : Ibo and Adam are eating their dinner, but there are still some greens left on Adam's plate!

  • Disorder at the Playground

    S1 E5 : Kids love cars! The series "4 Cars" was created especially for kids aged 0 to 3. Cars like to play, build, assemble puzzles, paint - to do everything that is usually interesting for children at that age.

  • Bingo Train

    S1 E5 : Leo the truck for kids, what are you going to build today? Sing a song about it! Watch song cartoons and baby song videos with Leo the truck and learn new super simple kids rhymes and songs for children! Leo the inquisitive truck is putting parts together... He’s building a train!

  • A Helping Hand

    S1 E26 : Adam helps Nuna complete her rocket for her science project.

  • Dad and Me

    S1 E16 : While on their camping trip, Comi follows a beautiful butterfly into a mysterious cave. The cave is filled with scary creatures but hopefully brave explorer scout Comi will knowwhat to do!

  • Cleaning Car

    S1 E5 : Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is building us a STREET SWEEPER! It cleans the streets for us. Let's Watch and Build it with Leo!

  • Don't Give Up

    S1 E25 : Rin encourages Ibo to not give up practicing for his marathon.

  • The ants go marching

    S1 E5 : Sing-along to the song : The ants go marching

  • Abibi's Color Hunt at SuperKidz

    S5 E6 : Let's learn about colors in Malay with Abibi!

  • Camping with Dad

    S1 E15 : Little explorer Comi is going on his first camping trip. Camping can be challenging but Comi hopes to be a brave scout just like his dad!

  • Evening Concert

    S1 E5 : Three little, but very clever cars woke up in the morning and started to prepare for the concert of musical instruments. Cars should find all instruments, notes and collect all puzzles. Join them!

  • Mom is the Prettiest

    S1 E14 : Snowy and Catty are amazed at how beautiful and elegant their mom looks every day. They decide to wear her clothes and makeup so they can be beautiful too but they go a little overboard.

  • Suv Car Wash

    S1 E5 : Today a very interesting car visited Doctor McWheelie's garage, an SUV! Apparently SUVs really like to ride around in the mud. But after a fun stroll everybody needs a good wash! And kind Doctor McWheelie is always ready to help. She arranged a car wash right in her garage!

  • Vegetables

    S1 E5 : Look! HopHop the Owl is riding the train and looking for vegetables for kids. Let's learn vegetables names for babies with Hop Hop the Owl! Let's put all the vegetables in the train and name them once again: peppers, potatoes, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, onion, broccoli, radish, a...

  • Good Night Light

    S1 E24 : Bim learns the secondary colours.

  • Alphabet Fun Q to Z

    S1 E23 : Nuna teaches the alphabet letters I to P.

  • Clean It Up

    S1 E4 : Nursery rhyme song titles Clean It Up from the Brainy Bunch Sing-Along. Messy classroom? CLEAN IT UP!

  • Bim and His Medicine

    S1 E22 : Ibo walks into class and found a very sick Bim!

  • Time To Pray

    S1 E21 : Adam and Ibo learns the importance of praying on time.

  • Playground

    S1 E4 : We have three new cars and trucks in our garage for helper cars. This is a dump truck for kids and it's carrying balls for a ball pit to the playground. Cement mixer for kids brings cement for slide's foundation. Playground is ready! Car transporter for kids brings three small cars to ...

  • Cash Desk

    S1 E4 : Welcome to Lifty's Shop! You can buy anything you want here! Today, Leo the Truck and Skoop the Excavator for kids need 6 cherries for their cupcakes.

  • It Wasn't Me

    S1 E22 : There's nothing embarrassing about an accidental fart. It was an accident. But when Mina makes fun of it, and turn it into a big news, she is actually crossing the line and went way overboard.