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  • Eight Planets

    Sing along with Pinkfong and learn about the eight planets in the universe! Learning is fun with Pinkfong!

  • Five Little Monkeys

    Five little pokibots running around! Oh no! One got broken! Help Poki, you can fix it! Sing along with Pinkfong, Hogi, and Wonderstar Friends!

  • Lullaby - Good Night

    Shhh, it's bedtime for Little Ammar. Fall asleep with him and his favourite lullabies.

  • Goodnight

    After a day of fun adventures, it is time for Momolu and his friends to go to sleep! This song is how they like to say Goodnight!

  • Dinosaurs A to Z

    Dino ABC! Sing dinosaurs A to Z!

  • Jungle Adventure

    Time for adventure Pinkfong friends! Into the jungle, the exciting and exotic land! Here we go!

  • Jobs

    Leo the Truck, what do you want to be? An artist, or maybe an astronaut? I can choose a job of any kind but I need to make up my mind. I will become a doctor today!

  • Bintang Bintang

    Banyaknya bintang! Mari ikuti little Ammar menyanyi lullaby tentang bintang-bintang di langit.

  • The Colors of the Rainbow

    Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These are the colors of the rainbow. Let’s learn them together with Adam and Mishmish.

  • Night Animals

    When the night gets dark, here we come! Time to meet the night animals.

  • Adam and His Airplane

    Nursery rhyme song titles Adam and His Airplane from the Brainy Bunch Sing-Along. Get ready to sing-along to this song about Adam's greatest airplane adventure!

  • Under The Sea - Sea Animals

    There are many wonderful creatures living under the sea. Let's learn about them with Adam and Mishmish.

  • Baby Shark

    Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo! You know it! Sing Along~

  • Suitcase

    Come watch a big cartoon compilation with the best songs for babies to dance along with and nursery rhymes for babies with Leo the trucks and his friends, cars, trucks, and vehicles that go! Today Leo the truck is packing his suitcase and singing a suitcase kids' song!

  • Baby Shark More And More

    Meet Baby Shark's extended family!

  • Adventure Of Baby Shark

    Curious Baby Shark found a wrecked ship! Will he find some bling-bling treasure?

  • I’m an Allosaurus

    Baby Allosaurus thinks it's the most scariest dino at the forest! Will baby Allosaurus be the same when it meets a real dinosaur?Baby Allosaurus thinks it's the most scariest dino at the forest! Will baby Allosaurus be the same when it meets a real dinosaur?

  • Competition in Mixie Land

    Don't worry! Red Fire truck is always ready when there is trouble! Help!

  • Five little ducks

    Sing-along to the song : Five little ducks

  • Ma’assalamah - Lagu Bubu Lala

    Mari bergembira bersama Bubu Lala

  • Lapar di Pagi Raya - Lagu Bubu Lala

    Lagu raya Bubu Lala