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Momolu Minis (ENG)

Momolu Minis (ENG)

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Momolu Minis (ENG)
  • Silhouettes

    Take a guess at these silhouettes and shapes and see if you can guess what they are!

  • Learn the alphabet, ABC

    Sing along to the ABC song and learn the alphabet with Bani and her friends!

  • Cloud shapes

    Momolu and Friends are watching the clouds. They can see all kinds of shapes! It's all up to your imagination! What do you see?

  • Let's paint! Learn colours for kids

    Momolu is ready to paint! Learn all these pretty colors, and let's paint the clouds!

  • Let's learn shapes!

    Momolu and his friends all love different shapes! Do you know these shapes?

  • Goodnight

    After a day of fun adventures, it is time for Momolu and his friends to go to sleep! This song is how they like to say Goodnight!

  • Let's count

    "Today, we're counting birds, cupcakes, and stars!
    Learn to count with Momolu in this fun cartoon for kids."

  • Memory game?

    It’s raining and Bani forgot her umbrella, so Momolu suggests they play a game. It’s a memory game, and Bani thinks it might help her remember more. Bani wins! Her memory has improved. And she even remembers where she left her umbrella!

  • Finding treasures

    On a very hot day, Momolu uses some old junk to make a recycled fan to keep him and Nooni cool. But Nooni can’t help turning up the fan until they wind up with an ice-cold ending to a very hot day.

  • Practice makes perfect!

    Momolu teaches Nooni how to skip rocks on the water. Nooni has a lot of trouble at first, but she refuses to give up until she uses every rock on the beach. But at least she finally figured out how to skip a rock!