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Mocas (ENG)

Mocas (ENG)

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Mocas (ENG)
  • Catapult

    Today, our little monster cars and trucks for babies will build a see-saw. Let's play! But excavator Ex has a great idea! What if we make a catapult? Great! I like playing with little cars, building roads and racing fast!

  • Paint

    Let's have a look at what's inside. There's a sketchbook and paints! Our monster cars and trucks for kids want to draw and paint their toy garage. Let's do it, cars for kids! Well done! Now a toy excavator, a truck for kids, a toy bus for kids, a bulldozer and a toy crane have to get paints ...

  • Vase

    Look, a toy excavator and a toy truck play funny games, oh no, a truck for kids hit the table so hard, and a flower fell down to the floor! Monster cars for kids have to clean everything up. Monster cars and monster trucks transform into construction vehicles for kids. Toy excavator, Ex, and ...

  • Archers

    Today Monster Cars for kids and monster trucks for children will build a toy pyramid and learn colors for kids.

  • Toy Trains

    Toy excavator, Ex, and the bus for kids, Bussy, want to ride on the train, but there's only one wagon. Sorry, Bussy, but Excavator for kids wants to play without you. Bus for kids is upset. Don't be sad, Bussy, your friends the toy cars know what to do! Let's build more trains for kids and ri...

  • Racingtrack

    An excavator, a bulldozer, a bus, a truck and a crane are going to race on a new race track for toy cars for kids. But this race track isn't finished yet. Monster trucks and cars have to finish the track. Toy crane Cray and toy excavator for kids Ex can do it! Done. Now Mocas can race! Who wo...

  • Hide and Seek

    Today toy cars and toy trucks play Hide and Seek. Toy bus Bussy is looking for the other toy cars. There's a castle of blocks, so let's search there. Oh no, Bussy is buried under the blocks! Mini cars for kids, toy bus needs your help! Monster cars for kids turn into construction vehicles toys...

  • Blocks Castle

    Come watch cars cartoons for babies with new episodes about five monster cars and trucks for kids! There are five toy vehicles and helper cars for kids: a toy excavator, a toy crane, a toy bus for kids, a toy bulldozer, and a toy truck for kids. These are not simple cars, these are MOCAS - li...