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Mina Mila - No Instrument

Mina Mila - No Instrument

16 Episodes

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Mina Mila - No Instrument
  • We're Twins

    Episode 1

    Introducing Mina & Mila, the twins with different personalities.

  • In it to Win it

    Episode 2

    Mila is gearing up for the 31st Annual Ibn Sina Junior Competition. Can Mila prove that she can win it alone?

  • That's Not Fair

    Episode 3

    Mina & Mila will have a Math test soon, but why Ummi is not treating them the same this time?

  • Why Me?

    Episode 4

    Mina is busy with her football training. It's all on Mila to help Ummi with the daily chores.

  • Mine!

    Episode 5

    What should Mila do when Mina treats poorly to her belongings? It's time to teach Mina a lesson.

  • Switched (Part 1)

    Episode 6

    Being identical twins, Mina & Mila switch places to benefit each other.

  • Switched (Part 2)

    Episode 7

    Will Mina & Mila be able to continue hiding their tricks from Ummi and Baba?

  • I'm Not a Baby

    Episode 8

    It's Ramadhan! Can Mina be able to fast the whole month?

    Being challenged by her own will, Mina tries so hard to not break her fast for the very first time. But could she make it throughout the day? Nevertheless, a donut went missing! Who broke their fast? Could it be Mila?

  • Meant To Be

    Episode 9

    Ummi prepares a list of food to buy at the bazaar, but Mina can't resist to buy her favourite sushi.

  • This Is Eid

    Episode 10

    Trying to find the true meaning of Eid! Eid must be fun! But in fun is effort and hardwork. Oh well, this is Eid!

  • Where's Ramadi?

    Episode 11

    Gray and fluffy. That is Ramadi! Being missing for days making Mr. Jacob worry for his chess partner. Follow Mina and Mila in search of Mr. Jacob's pet cat.

  • It's Okay to Cry

    Episode 12

    Mila is frustrated with her exam result. So, Mina helps Mila to ease her mind.

  • Allahu Akbar

    Episode 13

    After listening to a scary story, Mina & Mila are too scared to go to dark places. Ummi teaches them a du'a for protection.

  • Miss Know It All

    Episode 14

    S1 E16 : Miss Know It All

  • Give it Back!

    Episode 15

    S1 E18 : """If you don't appreciate it like I do, you might as well give it back!""
    Why is Mila so grumpy and emotional? "

  • Viral Macarons

    Episode 16

    S1 E19 : The viral macaron is here! Sold only once a week, Mina couldn't miss this chance! But can she make it in time?