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Mix Favourites

Mix Favourites

Mix Favourites
  • Allahu Akbar

    S1 E15 : After listening to a scary story, Mina & Mila are too scared to go to dark places. Ummi teaches them a du'a for protection.

  • Abibi All
    5 seasons

    Abibi All

    5 seasons

  • Back To The Sea

    Kevin (Yuri Lowenthal), a young flying fish, lives in New York harbor. He dreams of leading his family back to Barbados - the mythical kingdom of the flying fish. One fateful day, his adventurous nature finds him captured by a fishing ship and delivered to the fish tank of a famous restaurant in ...

  • Ian and The Stone

    Ian wants to enjoy the great view on top of the hill but his plans was interrupted by a very big stone. Frustated, Ian takes matters on his own hands, but are his methods at all the right way?

  • Mila's Vlog

    S1 E14 : Mila has her own SOP in doing house chores, but Mina is doing them the other way round.

  • It's Okay to Cry

    S1 E13 : Mila is frustrated with her exam result. So, Mina helps Mila to ease her mind.

  • Little Hajj

    Join the students of Little Caliphs on their simulation of performing Hajj! This is Little Hajj!

  • Cereal Challenge

    Do you know your cereal?

  • Slime Time with Abibi

    S2 E9 : Abibi loves making slime! Are you ready to make your own slime? Let's go!

  • Big Wheels Turning

    S1 E14 : The children go for an adventure through the Jungle. But some of them aren't able to do certain things as well as the others. Will they give up and get left behind?

  • Mr. Totemhead's Twin

    S1 E13 : Mr. Explorer has captured Mr. Totemhead! What will Paula and her friends do to save Mr. Totemhead?

  • Save Billy

    S1 E9 : Despite their reluctance, Billy manages to convince Paula and the others to save Mr. Explorer from a sticky situation. However, when Billy is in danger, will his kindness be repaid?

  • Surprise! Thirty

    Let's make a pizza! We'll put some shrimp, tomatoes and some broccoli!

  • Balance and Opposites Challenge

    Ball balancing? Knowing your opposites? Who will win in the battle between Ali and Alisha?

  • Stack and Knock

    Join Ibrahim and Adam as they stack some cups and knock them down! The one to knock down the most cups, wins!

  • Playground - Bubu Lala Song

    Let's play with Bubu Lala

  • Shower Time - Bubu Lala Song

    Shower time can be so much fun! Let Bubu and Lala show you how.

  • Shower time! - Bubu Lala Series

    Shower time can be so much fun! Let Bubu and Lala show you how.

  • Finger Family

    S1 E7 : Finger Puppets?! Hide and seek?! Little Ammar and his family are having a blast playing games together!

  • If You’re Happy

    S1 E8 : Are you happy? Sing Along with Little Ammar and see what he does when he's happy!

  • My Body

    S1 E3 : Do you know what your body can do? Join some fun exercise and learn more about your body with Little Ammar!

  • Abibi Visiting Masjid!

    S3 E2 : Let's go the masjid and learn the right ettiquette to enter masjid with Abibi!

  • A Day In The Life Of Abibi

    S3 E4 : Have you ever wondered how Abibi preservere during Ramadan?

  • That's Not Fair

    S1 E3 : Mina & Mila will have a Math test soon, but why Ummi is not treating them the same this time?