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Mix Favorites

Mix Favorites

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Mix Favorites
  • Abibi The Racer!

    Join Abibi at Play by Reka and watch the race of his lifetime!

  • Safety First

    The children are trying to save the talking totem heads from Mr. Explorer. However, they don't have the appropriate safety equipment to navigate the jungle and end up learning painful lesson.

  • Let's play together!

    Tim wants to play mini-basketball, but none of the other children want to play that game. Can the children still have fun together while doing different activities?

  • Clean Up Time

    Are you looking for a fun way to encourage your kids to clean up after play? All you have to do is play them our clean up song and you'll find them cleaning up in no time. Let's clean up together, with Adam Wa Mishmish.

  • Safeeya & Kitty: Playing In The Rain

    S2 E8 : Why did Allah create rain? Let's learn with Safeeya & Kitty as they play together in the rain!

  • Abibi at Play by Reka!

    Come and explore with Abibi and Abdullah at Play by Reka! There are so many things to do!

  • Kompilasi Lagu Little Ammar

  • Pisang dan Tembikai

    Nursery rhyme song titled Banana & Watermelon from the Brainy Bunch Sing-Along. Let's play with letter's sound while singing with Adam and his friends!

  • Ablution

    Adam teaches the proper steps of ablution for a valid prayer.

  • Learning Is Fun

    So what exactly is Brainy Bunch? Learn more about us in this special introductry episode.

  • Surprise! One

    A is for Apple

  • Animals in Arabic

    In this episode, learn the names of animals in the Arabic language with Adam and Mishmish

  • Numbers in Arabic

    Learn the numbers in Arabic from 1 to 10.