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Mix Favorites

Mix Favorites

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Mix Favorites
  • Having a Picnic

    The Brulee family are all going on a picnic together today and Mama Brulee has prepared some delicious food to eat. What interesting things will they do on their picnic?

  • Kawan Kawan - Lagu Bubu Lala

    Hidup lebih ceria bersama kawan-kawan

  • Baby Shark

    Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo! You know it! Sing Along~

  • The Day Henry Met... The Moon

    Henry meets the Moon. He learns all about space, astronauts and even that the Moon loves cheese and crackers. Henry becomes an Astronaut for the day, blasts off into space, meets a satellite and dodges meteors before having a lovely picnic on the Moon.

  • Save the Ants

    Misha, Larry and Howie are in the living room eating cookies and playing. The problem is, their cookie crumbs are attracting hoards of ants.

  • Sink or Float with Abibi!

    Abibi was making a well-deserved refreshing drink. Suddenly, Abibi noticed something amazing! Let's investigate!

  • Kita Kembar

    Memperkenalkan Mina & Mila, si kembar yang berbeza personaliti.

  • EP 20: Magma

    An erupting volcano spills lava as Chip and his friends are saved at the last moment by a group of atoms of manganese. The antimatter patrol that followed Chip has climbed a hill and has been surrounded by lava.

  • Balik-balik Kita

    Mina diberi layanan dingin oleh adik kembarnya, apa yang sebenarnya berlaku?

  • Baking Episode 1

    Maryam is baking a brownies with her best friend Maryam Ahmed

  • Arabic Alphabet Challenge

    Do you know what word starts with the letter Alif?

  • Alif Ba Ta

    Mari ikuti Little Ammar bermain dan belajar huruf hijaiyah besama Mila dan Mila

  • Cutie Fatima is reciting Surah Al-Masad with Maryam

    Cutie and naughty Fatima [2 yrs] is reciting Surah Al-Masad. You will see how naughty Fatima becomes and how difficult it is for Maryam Masud​ to teach her Qur'an. Alhamdulillah we enjoyed every second of her innocent movement and can not thank Allah enough for giving us her company!!

  • If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive

    What would it be like if Dinosaurs were still alive?

  • Serangga Dalam Al-Quran

    Wow, apa itu? Mari kita ikut Little Ammar meneroka dunia serangga!

  • California Sea Lion

    A young California Sea Lion makes a surprise appearance during Leo’s basketball game. Later, a voyage to find the sea lion’s home turns into a daring rescue on the high seas.

  • Back To The Sea

    Kevin (Yuri Lowenthal), a young flying fish, lives in New York harbor. He dreams of leading his family back to Barbados - the mythical kingdom of the flying fish. One fateful day, his adventurous nature finds him captured by a fishing ship and delivered to the fish tank of a famous restaurant in ...

  • The Day Henry Met... A Life Boat

    Henry meets a friendly Life Boat. Henry learns all about Life Boats as they chat on the beach but unfortunately there is a Donkey stuck out at sea in need of rescue . Henry becomes a Life Guard for the day, races across the waves, meets an Ocean Liner before rescuing Donkey and his favourite coc...

  • Sumatran Rhinocerous

    A game of hide and seek results in the discovery of a baby Sumatran rhino! Leo, Katie and Hero go to Sumatra, Indonesia to return the rhino to its mother.

  • Baby Whale Returns Home

    Although Jili and Gulu don't want baby whale to go, they decide the best thing to do is to help him get back home. Jili and Gulu repair the broken bathtub so that the baby whale can take the bathtub boat along the river and return to the sea!

  • Let's Eat Vegetables

    Hafiz Hafizah Series

  • Vegetables

    Watch "Learn Colours" and now Learn Vegetables! Clever Cars will bring us a Green Cucumber & Cabbage, Brown Potato, Orange Carrot, Red Radish, Red Tomato and an Egg-plant. Let's Eat!

  • Archery

    Did you know that archery is one of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH's favourite sports!

  • Archers

    Today Monster Cars for kids and monster trucks for children will build a toy pyramid and learn colors for kids.