Misha, The Purple Cat S2 (ENG)

Misha, The Purple Cat S2 (ENG)

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Misha, The Purple Cat S2 (ENG)
  • The Cookie King

    Howie is so obsessed with cookies that his mother makes him promise to stop thinking about cookies for one day.

  • The Magic Stick

    Misha paints a wooden stick with gold-colored paint and convinces Charly that it’s a magic wand.

  • Return Of The Superchef

    Due to some confusion, many in the town are eagerly expecting a visit from SuperChef.

  • The Egyptian Sculpture

    For an art project, Howie has made an exact copy of a little Egyptian sculpture in the museum.

  • Save The Olive Tree

    Misha and friends discover that plans are in store to cut down the old olive tree in the park.

  • The Rubber Boots

    Dad gets irritated when Misha and Charly jump in puddles, so the solution is to get them some rubber boots.

  • The Viking Helmet

    Misha and friends find a Viking helmet buried in dirt pile on a construction site in the town.

  • Grandad Is Sleeping

    Grandad is exhausted and lies down on the sofa to have a nap and Mom tells Misha and Charly to not disturb him.

  • The Cookie Factory

    Misha’s class has a school outing to visit the cookie factory, and at one point during the visit, Howie disappears from the group.

  • The Little Street Stall

    Misha sets up a little stand to sell painted stones, shells and necklaces.

  • I Want To Grow

    Charly is tired of being the shortest one in the family, so he secretly decides to put himself in a plant pot, so he can be watered and grow as tall as a tree.

  • Trip To The Moon

    Misha’s grandma confesses that as a child she wanted to grow up to be an astronaut but in those days women weren’t allowed to do that job.

  • The Boat

    Misha is annoyed because Rachel Rabbit always flaunts all of her fancy toys when she goes to the beach, and so Misha brags that her father has a yacht.

  • Amelia, The Aviator

    Misha has to do a homework assignment about a famous person and is searching for a subject.

  • Off To Camp!

    Misha is heading off to camp, but as she’s packing her backpack she finds some things missing: first, the flashlight, then the canteen.

  • The Rescue

    Misha and friends want to go on an outing to the woods but, at the last minute her parents can’t take them, so Grandad offers to be their chaperone.

  • The Mosquito

    Misha and family go to bed early because they have to get up in the morning and rehearse a piece for the school dance festival.

  • Whodunnit?

    As Charly quietly snacks on popcorn, everything suddenly goes haywire and starts flying around, as though a hurricane had hit the room.

  • Speedy, The Snail

    Gina asks Misha to take care of her snail while she’s away for the day. All is fine until Charly takes the snail out of its terrarium to play with it, and it disappears.

  • The Enchanted House

    Howie installs a remote control system in Misha’s house for the various electronic devices and appliances.

  • The Cleaning Team

    The park is full of rubbish! Why is that? Misha and friends decide they’re going to clean it all up.

  • I Can’t Get it Out of my Head

    Howie heard the SuperChef song and now can’t get it out of his head.

  • A Plane Trip

    Carla describes her recent plane trip in detail and all of Misha’s friends join in with fun stories about when they flew in a plane.

  • The Colorful Car

    Today Misha saw her neighbour’s car in three different colors.