Misha, The Purple Cat S2 (ENG)

Misha, The Purple Cat S2 (ENG)

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Misha, The Purple Cat S2 (ENG)
  • The Birthday Party

    Misha and her grandmother return home from a little trip to the mountains one day before they were expected so that they can be home for Misha’s birthday.

  • The Ant Invasion

    The town is overtaken by ants which are gathering food before winter sets in.

  • The Porcelain Figure

    Mrs. Poodle gives a rather ugly porcelain figurine to Misha’s family. When Dad sees on the table, he doesn’t realize it was a gift and adds it to the recycle pile he’s taking out.

  • I Want To Be A Firefighter

    The town’s firefighters make a visit to Misha’s school and Larry is fascinated by them. During that day Larry witnesses several different events which he insists require firefighters’ help.

  • Dancing With Tina

    Misha and her friends want to take part in the annual town Talent Show and they create the Misha Dance.

  • Who Stole The Baskets?

    Howie finds a basket full of chestnuts on the sidewalk and keeps it: he thinks it’s from the neighbors as a thank you for all of the things he does for the town.

  • A Brand New Skateboard

    Larry’s mother buys him an expensive new skateboard, but the first time he tries it out, it breaks apart.

  • Mad About Mushrooms

    Misha and Howie find a rare species of mushroom that Grandad had always been searching for.

  • The Library Book

    Misha discovers that Grandad has a book at home that he should have returned to the library years ago.

  • The Village Artist

    Tina can draw lovely portraits, but she only shares them with her friends.

  • The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    The old vacuum cleaner at Misha’s house is just too heavy to manage, so Howie comes up with a robot vacuum cleaner that can clean the whole house on its own.

  • Face Painting

    When Misha and Charly are playing at painting their faces, Misha accidentally uses a marking pen instead of a face crayon to paint glasses on her brother’s face.

  • Larry’s Poem

    Larry has to write a poem and read it out loud in class, but that’s not easy for him.

  • Grandad’s Whistles

    Misha heads to school with a whistle that Grandad made for her from a peach stone.

  • Good Morning, Dear Teacher

    This morning, for some odd reason, Mrs. Hen has fallen asleep at the bus stop, and misses the bus to school.

  • The Doll House

    Larry is fascinated by Misha’s doll house and wants one for himself, but his mother tells him it’s too expensive and she can’t buy it for him as a birthday present.

  • Finicky Charly

    Misha asks Howie to dress up as SuperChef to help her convince Charly to eat what’s on his plate.

  • Tina Turtle

    A new girl has joined the class at school: Tina Turtle. Misha wants to make friends with her, but Tina is very shy and introverted.

  • Grandad’s Secret Diary

    Misha and friends find an old diary of Grandad’s filled with descriptions of exciting adventures.

  • I’m Scared Of Octopuses!

    When the kids go with Mom to the car wash, Misha realizes that Charly is afraid of octopuses, because the tubes look like octopus tentacles.

  • The Super Walkie-Talkie

    Rachel Rabbit makes sure all the kids envy her for having a SuperWalkieTalkie.

  • The Car Keys

    One day at Misha’s house everyone seems to need to use the car for one reason or another, but the car keys are nowhere to be found.

  • The Giant Ball

    Charly wins a prize at the town fair ball-toss attraction, and among all of the prizes he can pick from, he chooses a giant ball. On the way home.

  • We Broke The Vase!

    When Misha finds herself in charge of Charly, while her parents go out on an errand, her little brother accidentally breaks a vase.