Misha, The Purple Cat S1 (ENG)

Misha, The Purple Cat S1 (ENG)

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Misha, The Purple Cat S1 (ENG)
  • The Escape Plan

    Something is up at school. The teacher won’t let the kids go out for recess and she’s whispering with the other teachers.

  • An Outing

    It looks like it’s going to be a nice day, so Misha and her family decide to go to the beach.

  • The Popcorn

    It’s snack time! Howie and Misha are in Larry’s kitchen, and decide they want to make some popcorn.

  • Big Sister

    Misha notices that her little brother is getting all of the attention at home.

  • The Camera

    Misha’s has to do a weekend photo report, to present in class on Monday.

  • The Abandoned House

    Misha and her friends are kicking a ball around in the park, and it ends up rolling into the garden of a nearby abandoned house.

  • Grandad on TV

    Grandad comes home pleased as can be, because he’s just had an interview on the street which is going to be broadcast on TV.

  • Invisible Howie

    Howie has just invented a machine that makes him invisible...or so he thinks.

  • The Soap Bubbles

    Howie has just invented a machine that makes soap bubbles. Misha and Larry are delighted and play with it all afternoon, to the dismay of the neighbors.

  • The Dress

    Misha and her friends are at Larry’s house, having a hot chocolate snack and joking around.

  • The Basketball Game

    Misha’s school has a basketball game scheduled against another school.

  • The Soup

    Misha’s Grandma is making her special soup because guests have been invited for lunch. Misha is helping her and by accident she spills the whole salt shaker into the soup.

  • Secrets

    Carla Rabbit discovers that Misha still sleeps with a stuffed animal. Misha is horrified, because in any given moment Carla could tell someone else, and she’s embarrassed for people to know.

  • The Green Cat

    Misha has just gotten a new pass for the pool. Today there’s a swimming race and she goes to Howie’s house to see if wants to join her.

  • The Package

    A very big package addressed to Grandad has been delivered to Misha’s house.

  • Going on an Outing

    The whole class is going on an outing to see the fall foliage.

  • The Super Chef

    Howie has an album of collector cards of his favorite hero: Super Chef. He’s a cook who wears a giant chef’s hat and makes delicious dishes.

  • Off to the Beach

    As she’s reading her science book, Misha learns about a species that seems a little scary. Sharks. They are giant fish that live in the sea and have a triangle-shaped fin.

  • What’s Going on with Mrs. Poodle?

    When Misha and her friends are bored, they love bothering Mrs. Poodle. They ring her doorbell and hide, or Larry jumps out and scares her.

  • Searching for Joanot

    Mrs. Poodle has gone out of town for vacation and has basked Carol to take care of it while she was away.

  • Shopping is a Bore

    Misha and her friends are excited because their favorite story illustrator is coming to visit the school library. But when school lets out, Mum announces to Misha that they have some errands to do.

  • Lost in Space

    Strong winds have been forecast for Misha’s neighborhood. People are being advised to keep their windows closed because gusts of this nature can cause strange things to happen.

  • No Shot for me Today

    Today is vaccination day at school. Everyone has to go to the Nurse’s office and stand in line, as everyone is given a shot.

  • The Treasure

    Larry Lizard and Misha, playing together at Larry’s house, find a map with a big X on it. It turns out to be the map of Larry’s garden.