Misha, The Purple Cat S1 (ENG)

Misha, The Purple Cat S1 (ENG)

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Misha, The Purple Cat S1 (ENG)
  • Misha, The Purple Cat Compilation

  • I Want to Play

    Misha is in the mood to play. All of her friends come asking if she can play with them.

  • Just Imagine if...

    Misha, Larry, Carol, Howie and Gina imagine what it would be like to be inventors.

  • Wow, it’s Hot!

    It is August and it’s really hot out. Misha and friends search for any way possible to cool themselves down.

  • The Mystery Key

    The kids discover a mysterious key in Mrs. Poodle’s house. What could it be for? Oh!

  • The Mural

    Misha has to paint a mural for the school, but she also has to take care of her little brother,

  • What a Bore!

    All of Misha’s friends have gone away on vacation. Well, not everyone. Carla Rabbit is still in the neighborhood.

  • I’ve Lost my Voice

    Misha finds herself without a voice. That wouldn’t be such a problema if it weren’t for the fact that the school is holding a big cantata, featuring singing groups.

  • The Swallow

    Misha and her friends have found a swallow, which is wounded and can’t fly.

  • Grandad’s Football

    When Misha’s grandfather was young, he was a great football player. He has a box full of trophies and an old football he keeps as a reminder of those days.

  • Class Project

    Carla and Misha have done a class project together which has come out well, and the two of them are very pleased with it.

  • The Extraterrestrials

    Gina seems to be hiding something from her friends. It appears she’s decided to go off with some extraterrestrials who have landed on earth. Misha and friends do their best to convince her to stay.

  • The Traffic Jam

    Misha’s family is in the car, singing happily away, as they set out on a family excursion...or at least that is the plan.

  • Come on, Gina, Play!

    Everyone knows that Gina is the school’s star basketball player, which is why they’re sure that she’ll win the free-throw competition.

  • A Colorful Museum

    The school field trip to the museum is a little bit boring, until Misha realizes that something strange is going on.

  • The Substitute

    Howie is faced with a dilemma: he has to give a talk at a local library, and he wants to go to the book signing event by his favorite hero SuperChef.

  • The Comet

    The whole gang is having a sleep-over at Misha’s house.

  • The Football Card

    Everyone is eager to get the latest card in a very special football card collection.

  • The Yeti

    Misha checks out some strange footprints in the snow. Everything suggests that they were left by the Yeti, the famous snow monster.

  • Mrs. Poodle’s Glasses

    Larry and Misha find Mrs. Poodle’s glasses on the ground in an empty lot in the neighborhood.

  • Guess What I Did

    Misha and her friends have to take care of Charley while Mom goes out to do some errands.

  • Run, Howie Run!

    Everyone is ready for the annual school relay race.

  • Blackberry Day

    Misha and the gang have gone out to the woods to pick blackberries.

  • The Stuffed Bear

    Charley can’t sleep without his favorite stuffed bear and he takes it with him everywhere he goes.