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Mina Mila S1 (ENG)

Mina Mila S1 (ENG)

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Mina Mila S1 (ENG)
  • New - We're Moving

    Join Mina and Mila in their cheeky secret hijrah mission in order to gain lots of rewards from Allah, just like Rasulullah PBUH did!

  • Goal Part 2

    The final match would never be the same again without Baba on her side, and without Mina, everything seems bland. It is time to put those egos aside and enjoy the match as it is. Win or lose, that's a part of the game.

  • Goal Part 1

    The bonds between Mina and Baba were being tested when their football teams were destined to match in the finals.

  • Keep It Safe

    Mina and Mila learn to be responsible with all of the class money when they were appointed as the class treasurers.

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Interviewing Ummi for their video assignment, Mina and Mila were astounded by all of Ummi's experience and hard work in her never-ending job and a big career.

  • It Wasn't Me

    There's nothing embarrassing about an accidental fart. It was an accident. But when Mina makes fun of it and turns it into big news, she is actually crossing the line and going way overboard.

  • There It Is!

    You should never eat in your bedroom, or else..

  • Good Job Ramadi

    The mystery behind the backyard booby trap is solved! The criminal is caught red-handed! But how to tell the truth is a bigger mystery for Mina and Mila.

  • Viral Macarons

    The viral macaron is here! Sold only once a week, Mina couldn't miss this chance! But can she make it in time?

  • Give it Back!

    "If you don't appreciate it as I do, you might as well give it back!"
    Why is Mila so grumpy and emotional?

  • I'm Cool with This

    Badminton seems way more fun when you have a brand new and pretty looking sets of racket! That is what Mila thought so. But is it really necessary?

  • Miss Know It All

    Miss Know It All

  • Allahu Akbar

    After listening to a scary story, Mina & Mila are too scared to go to dark places. Ummi teaches them a du'a for protection.

  • Mila's Vlog

    Mila has her own SOP in doing house chores, but Mina is doing them the other way around.

  • It's Okay to Cry

    Mila is frustrated with her exam result. So, Mina helps Mila to ease her mind.

  • Where's Ramadi?

    Mr Jacob's cat went missing. Being good neighbours, Mina & Mila decide to help Mr Jacob.

  • This is Eid!

    Mina & Mila learn the real meaning of Eid when they help Ummi and Baba prepare for the celebration.

  • Meant To Be

    Ummi prepares a list of food to buy at the bazaar, but Mina can't resist to buy her favourite sushi.

  • I'm Not a Baby

    It's Ramadhan! Can Mina be able to fast the whole month?

  • Switched (Part 2)

    Will Mina & Mila be able to continue hiding their tricks from Ummi and Baba?

  • Switched (Part 1)

    Being identical twins, Mina & Mila switch places to benefit each other.

  • Mine!

    What should Mila do when Mina treats poorly to her belongings? It's time to teach Mina a lesson.

  • Why Me?

    Mina is busy with her football training. It's all on Mila to help Ummi with the daily chores.

  • That's Not Fair

    Mina & Mila will have a Math test soon, but why Ummi is not treating them the same this time?