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Mina Mila & Little Ammar

Mina Mila & Little Ammar

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Mina Mila & Little Ammar
  • Big Small

    This is big and this is small! Sing along with Little Ammar and discover what is big and what is small!

  • Ummi Baba

    Thank you Ummi and Baba for everything you do! Come and join Little Ammar singing while saying thank you to Ummi and Baba!

  • Yes, Coach!

    Mila aspires to receive an award for The Best Student. However, Mila has to excel in both sports and academics. Who will be Mila's mentor?

  • I'm Sorry

    When you make a mistake, you say sorry. Join Little Ammar as he learns and teaches others how to say sorry.

  • Let's Go Shopping!

    Mina and Mila are overjoyed to be able to celebrate their victory by spending the money they won in their previous Ibnu Sinar Junior competition. Let's see if it's enough.

  • Rainy Day

    Wow, it's Raining! It's rainbow hunt! Come and have fun with little Ammar and Baba as they search for the rainbow and play in the rain!

  • Brag You Down

    Win or lose, it's all part of the game. Join Mina, Mila, and Putra as they have fun playing a board game, and it looks like Mina is winning the game and the fortune!

  • Finger Family

    Finger Puppets?! Hide and seek?! Little Ammar and his family are having a blast playing games together!

  • We're Twins

    Introducing Mina & Mila, the twins with different personalities.

  • Meow Meow

    Meow meow meow! Sing and dance along with Little Ammar and his new furry friend!

  • Viral Macarons

    The viral macaron is here! Sold only once a week, Mina couldn't miss this chance! But can she make it in time?

  • Hugs

    Assalamualaikum, do you need a hug? Sing along with Little Ammar as he hugs and cherishes his loving family.

  • 25 Prophets

    Come and sing along with Little Ammar and Baba as we learn about the names of our prophet saw!

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Interviewing Ummi for their video assignment, Mina and Mila were astounded by all of Ummi's experience and hard work in her never-ending job and a big career.

  • Scrub! Scrub!

    Little Ammar is learning how to wash his hands, Let's learn together!

  • I'm Cool with This

    Badminton seems way more fun when you have a brand new and pretty looking sets of racket! That is what Mila thought so. But is it really necessary?

  • In the Bath

    Ooh! Someone needs a bath! Let's sing along and have fun in the bath with Little Ammar!

  • Oh My Guest Part 2

    What??! Karen is staying for Eid. What is causing the uproar that Karen is causing this time?

  • Oh My Guest Part 1

    Mina and Mila are so excited to welcome their guest, Karen! Everything has been well prepared for Karen so that she can enjoy her stay in their home. Will Karen be happy in Mina and Mila's home?

  • 123

    1,2,3! Jom bersama mengenali nombor bersama Little Ammar dan Baba.

  • Do I Have To?

    Mina still wonders why does she have to pray? Why does everyone pray? What does wrong have to do with our daily life?

  • Special: Marhaban Ya Ramadan

  • There It Is!

    You should never eat in your bedroom, or else..

  • 5 Senses

    What are the 5 senses? Sing and dance along with Little Ammar & his sisters as they learn about the 5 senses