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Mina & Mila

Mina & Mila

Mina & Mila
  • We're Twins

    S1 E1 : Introducing Mina & Mila, the twins with different personalities.

  • In It to win it

    S1 E2 : Mila is gearing up for the 31st Annual Ibn Sina Junior Competition. Can Mila prove that she can win it alone?

  • That's Not Fair

    S1 E3 : Mina & Mila will have a Math test soon, but why Ummi is not treating them the same this time?

  • Why Me?

    S1 E4 : Mina is busy with her football training. It's all on Mila to help Ummi with the daily chores.

  • Mine!

    S1 E5 : What should Mila do when Mina treats poorly to her belongings? It's time to teach Mina a lesson.

  • Switched (Part 1)

    S1 E6 : Being identical twins, Mina & Mila switch places to benefit each other.

  • Switched (Part 2)

    S1 E7 : Will Mina & Mila be able to continue hiding their tricks from Ummi and Baba?

  • I'm Not a Baby

    S1 E8 : It's Ramadhan! Can Mina be able to fast the whole month?

  • Meant To Be

    S1 E9 : Ummi prepares a list of food to buy at the bazaar, but Mina can't resist to buy her favourite sushi.

  • This is Eid!

    S1 E10 : Mina & Mila learn the real meaning of Eid when they help Ummi and Baba prepare for the celebration.

  • Where's Ramadi?

    S1 E12 : Mr Jacob's cat went missing. Being good neighbours, Mina & Mila decide to help Mr Jacob.

  • It's Okay to Cry

    S1 E13 : Mila is frustrated with her exam result. So, Mina helps Mila to ease her mind.

  • Mila's Vlog

    S1 E14 : Mila has her own SOP in doing house chores, but Mina is doing them the other way round.

  • Allahu Akbar

    S1 E15 : After listening to a scary story, Mina & Mila are too scared to go to dark places. Ummi teaches them a du'a for protection.

  • Miss Know It All

    S1 E16 : Miss Know It All