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Little Ammar

Little Ammar

5 Seasons

Nursery Rhymes, Zikirs, Duas and Learning Videos for Muslim Children

Little Ammar
  • Allahuakbar

    Episode 1

    Introducing the adorably cheeky Little Ammar and his amazing family!

  • Alif Baa Taa

    Episode 2

    Let's join Little Ammar as he plays and learn “Alif Ba Ta” with Mila and Mina!

  • My Body

    Episode 3

    Do you know what your body can do? Join some fun exercise and learn more about your body with Little Ammar!

  • Time to eat

    Episode 4

    Let's eat! but wait, what do we say before eating? Learn more with Little Ammar and his family as they teach about table manners and sunnah!

  • Lullaby - Good Night

    Episode 5

    Shhh, it's bedtime for Little Ammar. Fall asleep with him and his favourite lullabies.

  • Bath Time

    Episode 6

    O'oh! Someone needs a bath! Let's sing along and have fun in the bath with Little Ammar!

  • Finger Family

    Episode 7

    Finger Puppets?! Hide and seek?! Little Ammar and his family are having a blast playing games together!

  • If You’re Happy

    Episode 8

    Are you happy? Sing-Along with Little Ammar and see what he does when he's happy!

  • Tiny Friends In Al Quran

    Episode 9

    Wow, what's that?! Come along as Little Ammar explores the wonderful world of tiny friends!