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Lifty’s Shop (ENG)

Lifty’s Shop (ENG)

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Lifty’s Shop (ENG)
  • Sorter Bus

    A toy sorter bus is driving to Lifty's shop. This toy vehicle needs to buy animals' shapes. Lifty the loader, do you have any animals for babies in your shop? Of course! Let's find domestic farm animals for kids in the ball pit! There is a cat, a chicken, a dog, a horse, and who else?

  • Painting Cars

    A car carrier is coming to the Lifty's shop. This vehicle for kids is delivering many gray race cars for kids. Lifty the loader, do you have colors for these cars for kids? Yes! There is a canister with red paint. Let's color the race car with number one on its body red! Lifty the loader also...

  • Square Wheels

    Learn shapes with cars for kids in a new police car cartoon for babies with Lifty's shop! A police car for kids with star wheels, a red convertible with square wheels, and a taxi with triangle wheels come to the Lifty's shop. Loader Lifty, do you have round wheels for our cars for children? P...

  • Wheel

    A blue car named Max got a flat tire! Don't worry, Max, our pickup truck will help you! The truck for kids goes to Lifty's Shop for a tool - let's get pliers!

  • Doll Furniture

    Doll Bianca would like to buy furniture for her living room have you got something for her, Lifty the Loader?

  • Cash Desk

    Welcome to Lifty's Shop! You can buy anything you want here! Today, Leo the Truck and Skoop the Excavator for kids need 6 cherries for their cupcakes.

  • Vegetables

    Today Lifty the loader is going to sell vegetables for kids. There are many boxes with different vegetables, so cars for kids can make vegetable soup using these vegetables. Let's cook the soup together! Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and onions. The vegetable soup for vehicles for kids is ready.

  • Fruit

    Learn fruit names with Lifty the Loader! Remember fruit names with our kids' car: a lemon, a kiwi, cherries and a pear.

  • Fruit Salad

    Welcome to Lifty's Shop! Here you can play with Lifty the Forklift and learn fruits' names. Make fruit salad with our toy car!