Leo The Wildlife Ranger (ENG)

Leo The Wildlife Ranger (ENG)

Leo The Wildlife Ranger (ENG)
  • Leo The Wildlife Ranger Compilation - Malayan Tapir

  • Leo The Wildlife Ranger Compilation - Giant Panda

  • Blue Pansy Butterfly

  • Equatorial Spitting Cobra

  • Leafy Seadragon

    Imagine Leo’s surprise when he realises that a piece of seaweed in his aquarium is actually a leafy seadragon! The Junior Rangers set forth to put the leafy seadragon back in Australian waters, but their mission changes course when they have to save leafy seadragons that have been washed ashore.

  • Malayan Water Monitor

    A swim in the garden brings Leo and Hero up close and personal with a Malayan water monitor. The Junior Rangers set out to search for the monitor’s home, but will their jeep survive a river crossing after a jeep float gets punctured?

  • Reindeer

    Join the Junior Rangers as they race across the tundra to reunite a lost reindeer calf with its herd. However, a river crossing might prove too tiring for the young reindeer.

  • Sunda Slow Loris

    When a Sunda slow loris lands in the garden, the Junior Rangers quickly learn that they have to return it to the wild. Will they manage to find the slow loris a home? Or will the slow loris end up as a snack for a hungry sun bear?

  • Yellow Eyed Penguin

    A yellow-eyed penguin wanders into Hero’s kennel. The Junior Rangers head to New Zealand to find the penguin’s home, but can they prevent tourists from disturbing yellow-eyed penguins on the beach?

  • Raccoon

    Leo catches a raccoon digging around in his trash. The Junior Rangers take the raccoon back to the forest where it can find its own food. However, some unfriendly raccoons make things difficult for Leo and company...

  • Asian Palm Civet

    After an Asian palm civet steals Hero’s food, the Junior Rangers set off to bring the civet back to where it belongs. The trip takes them to the rainforest, a durian plantation and a run-in with a wild boar!

  • Atlantic Puffin

    Leo meets an Atlantic puffin in the garden while playing with his remote-controlled car. The Junior Rangers decide to take the puffin home to Iceland. There, Leo has a mishap at the edge of a cliff.

  • Whitespotted Bamboo Shark

    Katie finds out that a big fish in the garden pond is a whitespotted bamboo shark. The Junior Rangers sail to the Pacific Ocean to find a coral reef for the bamboo shark to live in.

  • Yellow-crested Cockatoo

    A yellow-crested cockatoo joins Leo and Hero’s game of musical statues. After learning more about the bird, the Junior Rangers travel to the rainforest to take it home.

  • Wild Boar

    The Junior Rangers bring a wild boar in their garden back to the forest. There, Ranger Rocky advises the Junior Rangers to find the boar’s sounder, which is a group of female wild boars and their young children.

  • Marvellous Spatuletail

    Leo, Katie and Hero travel to Peru to take a marvellous spatuletail home. But what can they do when the hungry bird falls into a deep sleep?

  • Clouded Leopard

    A trip to the rainforest becomes necessary when a clouded leopard cub turns up in the garden. The Junior Rangers search for the cub’s mother, but are set back when the cub gets entangled in some tree vines above water.

  • Greater Mousedeer

    The Junior Rangers bring a greater mouse-deer back to its home in the rainforest. But can the Junior Rangers rescue the mouse-deer when it gets caught in an animal trap?

  • Barn Owl

    A barn owl scares Leo in the garden. The Junior Rangers depart for the grasslands to find a better hunting place for the barn owl.