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Leo The Truck (ENG)

Leo The Truck (ENG)

Leo The Truck (ENG)
  • Paint Fire Truck

    Watch Toy Truck Leo PAINT a FIRE TRUCK and learn names of colors!

  • Train Station

    Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior and his new friend Lifty are building us a TRAIN STATION! It's for Trains & Passengers! Come and see how it's built.

  • Painting Tow Truck

    Learn Colors with Leo Truck! Do you know all these Colors? Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is Spray Painting a TOW TRUCK with some gorgeous Rainbow Colours! Come and see how he does it!

  • Lifty

    Lifty is the name of Leo Junior's new Forklift Truck friend! Lifty will lift things onto Leo's back and help him in his work. Come and see how Lifty is built! It's always Fun when Leo Junior is about! Come and meet Lifty!

  • Apple Tree

    Toy Truck Leo Junior is an artist! He loves to colour things and today he paints a beautiful APPLE TREE but do you know what colours he will use? Let's find out when we watch and Paint with him!

  • Cleaning Car

    Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is building us a STREET SWEEPER! It cleans the streets for us. Let's Watch and Build it with Leo!

  • Locomotive

    Today, Cartoon Truck Leo Junior is building us a LOCOMOTIVE TRAIN! It works with fire and water! Come and see how it's built!

  • Cabrio

    Leo build a Convertible Car today! Let's Watch and Build with him!

  • Bus

    Cartoon for Children: How to Assemble a Yellow School Bus with Leo the truck. Cartoon for Children and learn Street Vehicles for kids. Leo the Truck is a toy truck that loves to build cars, and today he has to build a yellow school bus as part of an educational project.

  • Car Trailer

    Leo the Truck needs help to build a car carrier trailer for toy cars. For this, he has to find various engine parts. Will you help him find them?