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Learning to Walk

Jili & Gulu (ENG) • 6m 19s

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  • The Guardians of the Nuts

    Something strange is happening in the forest today. The brothers always hide their pine cones in the squirrel tree house for safety, but whenever they count them, there seems to be less than there were before. They think there must be a terrible thief comes at night.

  • A Wonderful Teatime

    Jili decides to make star biscuits for afternoon tea today. But, Gulu is disappointed. Doughnuts are his favourite. He doesn't want to try the star biscuits. But Jili's persuades Gulu to reluctantly take a bite of the crunchy star biscuit.

  • Saving Little Yellow Duck

    Jili and Gulu are having fun, with the Little Yellow duck flying through the air, but then Jili accidentally drops Little Yellow Duck in the bushes. Jili finally saves Little Yellow Duck...after a while, Little Yellow Duck "swims" up by herself.