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Hop Hop The Owl (ENG)

Hop Hop The Owl (ENG)

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Hop Hop The Owl (ENG)
  • Rocket

    Today HopHop the baby owl will build a rocket pyramid. Look, this is a blue ring, and PeckPeck the woodpecker has found another one ring. How many rings we've got! Now birds can build a new wooden toy. This is a rocket!

  • Musical Instruments

    See an episode cartoon for kids about HopHop the owl and his funny adventures in a magic world. Play and learn with a funny baby owl and his friend PeckPeck.

  • House of blocks

    Today baby owl HopHop and his friend PeckPeck the Woodpecker are going to build a building blocks house! But the blocks are too heavy, who will help our birds? A bulldozer and a toy excavator! Learn shapes for kids and colors for babies while birds build the house!

  • Cars

    Today PeckPeck the woodpecker comes to the HopHop the owl’s tree house. HopHop, let's play and have fun! PeckPeck the woodpecker has new baby toys! There are two toy cars for babies! Let's take these toy cars with animals inside to the playground and play together! Look! The wooden toy cars are ...

  • Fruit

    Today HopHop the owl and his new friend PeckPeck the woodpecker search for fruit. This is a pineapple, two apples, a pear, a banana, an orange... The birds have so much fruit! Now we have to wash them at the pool!

  • Vegetables

    Look! HopHop the Owl is riding the train and looking for vegetables for kids. Let's learn vegetables names for babies with Hop Hop the Owl! Let's put all the vegetables in the train and name them once again: peppers, potatoes, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, carrot, onion, broccoli, radish, and garli...

  • Cake

    Today we will learn numbers and colors for kids with cute HopHop. But first of all, let's sing HopHop's song together! Look, there are so many color balls! HopHop is going to build a toy cake. Let's help and count 1 to 6 with HopHop. It was so cool!

  • Sorter

    Today Hop Hop the owl will play and learn shapes and colors with a shape sorter bus! Put all the shapes in the right places on the bus and name its color and shape.

  • Music toy

    In this kids' video, watch Hop Hop the owl play with its new music toy for kids. Wow! What a great toy for kids!

  • Cartepillar

    Watch a baby cartoon and a toddler learning video for kids and learn music with Hop Hop the Owl for kids!