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Helper Cars (ENG)

Helper Cars (ENG)

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Helper Cars (ENG)
  • Farm

    Today, let's learn more about trucks & cars for kids at the farm! Get to know different trucks for kids. Let's watch what they do! Watch a video for kids and learn more about cars and trucks for kids with the Helper Cars cartoon for children on the First Toons channel for kids! We have a tract...

  • Fire at the Gas Station

    Fire at the Gas Station

  • Balls on the Road

    Helper cars are ready for a new workday! A school bus is driving from one bus station to another and transporting passengers. There are many balls on the road, a truck for kids and the excavator for kids will remove them.

  • Bridge Repair

    Today, let's see how the Helper Cars help cars and trucks for kids cross a bridge that needs to be repaired! Who will repair the bridge? A dump truck and a crane for kids!

  • Loop

    Today a fire truck a police car and a truck for kids have a race. Learn vehicles for kids, play with Helper Cars and watch truck cartoon & cars racing!

  • Playground

    We have three new cars and trucks in our garage for helper cars. This is a dump truck for kids and it's carrying balls for a ball pit to the playground. Cement mixer for kids brings cement for slide's foundation. Playground is ready! Car transporter for kids brings three small cars to the play...

  • Race

    Welcome to the Helper cars' racing! Our participants are: a fire truck, a police car, an ambulance and a sweeper. Who will be the fastest car? How do You think? Cars and trucks, are you ready? Ready, steady, GO!

  • Flat Tire

    Help ambulance to save a patient and bring him to the hospital. Tow truck must save a taxi.

  • New Track is on Fire

    Why ambulance, a police car and a tow trucks are useful? Because they help people and other cars: fire truck can put out fire, ambulance helps people, when they are hurt or sick, it could drive them to the hospital. Police car patrols the city. Tow truck help other cars, when they are broken d...