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Gazoon (ENG)

Gazoon (ENG)

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Gazoon (ENG)
  • The Sea Serpent

    Chased by the snake, the bird leads him into a trap. He turns him in to the elephant.

  • Egg-shaped

    The bird becomes prisoner of the egg-shaped rooftop of his house. Thinking it’s an egg, the ostrich plays with it.

  • David and Goliath

    The mosquito is disturbing the rest of the elephant. The latter is going to waste all his energy to get rid of the annoying intruder.

  • Technicolor

    The zebra disturbs the balance of the savanna by painting the set.

  • The African carrots

    The elephant grows carrots. The greedy giraffes try to steal them. But the elephant intends to keep them for himself.

  • Head in the clouds

    Night is falling on the savanna. The sun passes the moon with a pulley sound. But the two stars suddenly stop in the sky. The elephant tries to make them move again.

  • Undergrounds

    The ostrich lost her egg in a hole and starts searching the undergound to find it.

  • Fireflies

    The ostrich is disturbed by fireflies while she’s trying to sleep. She tries to get rid of them as best as she can.

  • Roll

    Lost in the undergound of the savanna, the ostrich is being chased by huge balls that threaten to squash her.

  • Jaws

    A particularly greedy carnivorous plant is attacking the animals of Gazoon.

  • Highly perched

    The snake is desperately trying to catch the bird who took refuge in his perched house.

  • Camouflage

    The snake is hiding in the vegetation to quietly get closer to the bird. But all his various camouflages have drawbacks.

  • Night disturbance

    Disturbed by the snoarings of the elephant, the bird cannot sleep. He’s going to do everything to stop this racket.

  • Heatwave

    One of the giraffes has accidentally emptied the lake of the savanna. The elephant and the bird try to find some water.

  • The African night

    The extremely greedy giraffes ate the sun. The savanna is now in the dark. The bird and the elephant try to find a solution.

  • Gardening

    Tired of the non-stop attacks of the snake, the bird sets a trap for him with the help of the elephant. They build a maze in the high grass in which the snake is going to get lost.

  • Storm on the savanna

    The elephant is allergic to pollen and his sneezes wreak detruction in the savanna. The other animals find a way to stop his devastating gusts.

  • Playground

    in the savanna, the bird discovers the nest of the snake. It’s a land with several holes, on which the bird is going to play the snake.

  • The Lake Monster

    The ostrich discovers huge footsteps that bring her to the lake. There seems to be a monster in it.

  • Light Weight

    The ostrich is quietly pecking in the savanna, when boulders start falling from the sky.

  • Tricks and Jokes

    With the help of the elephant, the bird is playing a trick on the other animals of the savanna. But the trick is going to backfire on him.

  • The Invaders

    After eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, the ostrich has a nightmare.

  • Out of Breath

    The snake is chasing the bird through the savanna. But the hunter-prey game is about to change as the mischievous bird draws the snake into a trap.

  • Lighter Than Air

    The elephant and the bird are making soap bubbles in the lake. The bubbles start drifting in the savanna and distracting the ostrich. But this bucolic atmosphere quickly becomes ridiculous when the ostrich becomes prisoner to one of the bubbles.