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Doctor McWheelie

Doctor McWheelie

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Doctor McWheelie
  • Race Upgrade

    S1 E10 : Look, Doctor McWheelie drives a beautiful yellow convertible. There's a similar looking red car on the side of the road and it's looking upset. This is because the car is too slow to enter the race. Doctor McWheelie, can you help the red car go faster?

  • Headlights

    S1 E9 : In the Repair Garage of Dr McWheelie today is an Off Road ATV Car with Broken Headlight Bulbs but the Doctor knows how to mend them!

  • Electric Sports Car Rescue

    S1 E8 : Watch what happens when Doctor McWheelie tries to repair this black sports car! She gets confused!

  • Check Up

    S1 E7 : Tow Truck brings a sick car to Doctor McWheelie! Let's Learn all about car engines, engine oil & air filters with Doctor McWheelie!

  • Yellow Car

    S1 E6 : A yellow car is driving on the road with his two friends. They are on there way to a picnic. But on there way there, the yellow car gets stuck on a sandy puddle. But don't worry, Doctor McWheelie can help you, she always knows what to do!

  • Suv Car Wash

    S1 E5 : Today a very interesting car visited Doctor McWheelie's garage, an SUV! Apparently SUVs really like to ride around in the mud. But after a fun stroll everybody needs a good wash! And kind Doctor McWheelie is always ready to help. She arranged a car wash right in her garage!

  • Winter Truck

    S1 E4 : Look, a blue winter truck is carrying lots of delicious lemonade! It needs to unload the lemonade crates on the side of the road and load the new watermelons to make more.

  • Car & Tow truck

    S1 E3 : Today in Doctor Mc Wheelie's Garage, she repairs a cute Yellow Car with a flat tyre!

  • Fast Sports Car

    S1 E2 : Today Doctor McWheelie repairs a Red Sports Car!

  • School Bus Story

    S1 E1 : "Meet Doc McWheelie! She is a Car Doctor! Cars, buses and other vehicles come to her garage for repairs! Come and see what happens in her Mechanical Workshop!"