Dinoman (ENG)

Dinoman (ENG)

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Dinoman (ENG)
  • EP 01 : Steller's Sea Cow | Dinoman (ENG)

    "A dark shadow appeared behind the Stella's Sea Cow that found delicious seaweed. The identity of the shadow is the ancient giant shark Megalodon!
    Help Stella Sea Cow being chased by Megalodon~ Dinoman!"

  • EP 02 : Diictodon | Dinoman (ENG)

    "Diictodon, a ground digger! But he accidentally digs a hole in his friend's house... Out of embarrassment, while digging, he touches the groundwater.
    Soared into the sky with a fountain. Can Dinodril and Keragirl save Diictodon and her friends?"

  • EP 03 : Cuban Red Macaw | Dinoman (ENG)

    "Cuban Red Macaw showing off its beautiful golden feathers! But it was swept away by a sudden hurricane and lost its golden feathers?

  • EP 04 : Woolly Mammoth | Dinoman (ENG)

  • EP 05 : Ichthyosaur | Dinoman (ENG)

    "An ichthyosaur who wants to be friends with Squids! An underwater volcano is about to explode, but Squids are not avoiding it.
    By the way, Squids likes lights? Dinomarine, can you move the Squids to a safe place with me?"

  • EP 06 : Hylonomus | Dinoman (ENG)

    "Hide and seek is always fun! But where the hell is my sister hiding?
    With Dinoflash, she can see into the ground, so she should be able to find my sister!"

  • EP 07 : Epigaulus | Dinoman (ENG)

    "I'm going to eat all the delicious fruits! But the house collapsed because of the fruits I gathered!
    My fruits have disappeared into the ground... Help Dinoman! Dinodrill!"

  • EP 08 : Waimanu | Dinoman (ENG)

    "I really want to fly, but my wings are so small that I can't so I'm so sad! While practicing flying, I fell off a cliff.
    I fell into the sea... Ohhh? How can I swim so well??"

  • EP 09 : Smilodon | Dinoman (ENG)

    “We fought to cross first on a single-wood bridge, and we fell into a swamp!
    Why don't we stop fighting and work together to build another bridge?"

  • EP 10 : Meiolanis | Dinoman (ENG)

    "The carapace is hard and nice, but the action is so slow, Meiolania. I need to dodge the hailstones, but I can't move fast!
    The omnipotent Professor Pteraman should be able to make great equipment for Meiolania!"