Counting With Paula S3 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S3 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S3 (ENG)
  • The Giant Baby

    The children are tasked with caring for a lost baby alien until Mr Astronaut can find its mommy. Astrid gets impatient with the baby and it runs away! While trying to find the baby, the children encounter some trouble and it is up to Astrid to patiently coax the baby alien back to safety.

  • Lost in Space

    Mr Astronaut instructs the children not to touch a red button on the control panel of a spaceship. Unable to resist the temptation, Tim presses the button, and the children get lost in space! Will they be able to find their way back?

  • Lost and Found

    The children are sent on a mission to take care of the lost and found counter at the Space Station. Astrid is bored of waiting and decides to go and find the owners of the lost items. But Astrid returns something that belongs to someone else. The owner arrives to collect it, but it's gone! The ch...

  • Helping Paula

    Paula goes on an adventure by herself to help her friends in the jungle. However, she faces obstacles in the El Goldrado temple that are really hard to solve alone. Will she succeed or can she count on her friends when she needs them the most?

  • Taller Higher Faster

    Mr Explorer, Totemhead and Buddy decide to create a competition. If Totemhead Buddy wins, Mr Explorer will let them go free. If Mr Explorer wins, Totemhead Buddy will have no choice but to go with Mr Explorer back to his home. Tim is determined to help Totemhead Buddy win so they can have their f...

  • Captain Maurice

    Captain Redbeard promises First-Matey Maurice that they can switch roles for a day. When that day finally comes, the children help train Maurice to pass all the pirate captain tests Redbeard puts him through. However, when Maurice finally gets to be captain, he finds out that it isn't as easy as ...

  • The Lost Handbook

    Maurice loses his sailor handbook. The children head over to Treasure Island to help him find it. They discover several crabs tussling over the handbook and it gets ripped apart! The children split up to chase down the missing pages.

  • Missing Numbers

    Paula loses one of her toys and the children search frantically for it. While counting to ensure she has all her toys, Paula realises a couple of the numbers are missing! She can't seem to catch a break from losing her stuff. The children go on a mega hide-and-seek adventure to various locations ...

  • The Banana Hunt

    The children head over to the Jungle to help the totem heads find the world's most delicious banana. Tim, Calc and Buddy decide to talk a shortcut, while Paula and the others stick to the route on the map. However, something unexpected awaits all of them when they finally find the banana.

  • The Strange Noise

    There's a loud and awful noise disturbing Mr Farmer and his animals. The children go to the farm to investigate. They find the source of the noise, but it's not easy getting it to stop.

  • The Great Train Adventure

    The children are excited to explore a new outer space planet. Billy overpacks for the trip. On the way there, the space train tumbles off its tracks! The children have to figure out how to guide the train back by using balance and weights. Fortunately, Billy's backpack is full of stuff that comes...

  • The Mission

    Tim wants to go on a cool mission, but it doesn't turn out as he expected. Meanwhile, Paula, Astrid and the others are working on an exciting mission of their own. Will Tim miss out on all the fun?

  • Maurice's Treasure Hunt

    Maurice has been letting Redbeard down. He is convinced that finding treasure will surely make the Captain happy. The children help Maurice on his quest, but things don't go as plan. Will Maurice ever make Redbeard proud of him?

  • Missing Camel

    Aamil is tasked with looking after Mr Merchant camel, but he gets distracted and the camel goes missing. Aamil gets help from Paula and her friends to find the missing camel. Will they succeed?

  • Mr Space Robot Makes a Mess

    An accident causes Mr Space Robot to turn from being neat and tidy, to messy and destructive. The children have to find and fix Mr Space Robot before he destroys more things.

  • Sultan Aamil

    Prince Aamil's is left in-charged for the day, but he is nervous about making decisions as a Sultan. So he appoints Paula and her friends as advisors. Tim loves seeing his ideas come to life. In fact, he loves it so much that he thinks Aamil should only listen to him. However, chaos erupts under ...

  • Protect the Prince!

    When Mr Guard is unfit to protect Prince Aamil, the children take up the responsibility so they won't have to cancel their day of fun. But the children struggle to juggle between playing and guarding Aamil. Find out what happens when the children take their guard roles a little too seriously.

  • Redbeard's Berry Juice

    Captain Redbeard is behaving strange...stranger than normal. The only thing that can calm him down is a special berry juice, but only Parrot knows the recipe and he's missing! Tim goes in search of Parrot, while the others try to recreate the juice and keep Redbeard safe.

  • Mistaken Egg-dentity

    The children find an abandoned egg in the chicken coop. They take it upon themselves to help the egg hatch. However, disagreements over how best to do it lead to an accident. In the end, the children find out the egg isn't what they thought it was!

  • Sleepy Walker

    Mr Garden Gnome is behaving strangely. It turns out he's sleepwalking. The children are afraid to wake him up because they think that something bad might happen. But Calc has already run ahead to do just that. The rest struggle to catch up. In the end, the children learn how to deal with sleepwal...