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Counting With Paula S2 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S2 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S2 (ENG)
  • Action Team Awesome

    Everyone has a cool superpower, except Billy. Action Team Awesome goes to the Jungle to save the day. Will Billy be able to contribute to the missions?

  • The Girl in Space

    The children travel to Outer Space to meet Mr. Astronaut's daughter for the first time. Tim's perception of what girls are like is challenged.

  • Alien Dog Show Competition

    Astrid has a new puppy! The children help Astrid train her puppy for a dog show competition that is out of this world.

  • Junior Astronaut Apprenticeship

    Mr. Astronaut trains the children to be Junior Astronauts. Their training is put to the test when something goes wrong with the spaceship.

  • Saving Captain Redbeard's Friend

    The children find and rescue Captain Redbeard's special friend who went missing.