Counting With Paula S2 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S2 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S2 (ENG)
  • Chalky Gets New Chalk

    Paula gives gifts to her friends, while solving problems together.

  • Facing Fears

    Billy is scared of the dark and many other things. Will he be able to face his fears and overcome them?

  • The Search for Apple Juice

    The children have to complete a sticker card to win a mystery prize. They are eager to find out what's inside the prize, but collecting the stickers is proving to be a lot more challenging than they thought.

  • Tim's New Pet

    Tim has a new pet with amazing abilities. The children head to the Jungle to play with it. It's lots of fun and it even inspires the children to come up with a really creative solution to save Mr. Totemhead from Mr. Explorer!

  • Gotta Keep Moving!

    The children head to the Jungle to help Tim break in his new boots by talking a walk with their jungle friends. However, some of them can't keep up with the pace. What will keep them going?

  • Tim Attempts a World Record

    Tim wants to break the world record for catching the most number of balls while blindfolded. Find out what or who's stopping him from achieving his goal.

  • Trying A New Dish

    Billy is hesitant to try new things. Will this cause Billy to miss out on something that could be really awesome?

  • Teasing Hurts

    What happens when teasing goes too far? Will the children be able to save their friendship?

  • High-Tech Calc

    Calc is jealous of Tim's new high-tech gadgets, and he wants to get an upgrade. Will that be enough to impress Tim?

  • Paula, the Fire-Safety Officer

    Paula becomes a Junior Fire Safety Officer, but she has trouble figuring out what's a real fire emergency, and what's not.

  • What's a Cuckoo?

    In a race against time, the children have to fix a broken clock so they can find out the surprise that comes out from inside the clock at the top of every hour.

  • Flying a Kite

    The children are excited to fly a kite in the Desert. But all fun is lost when they can't agree on the best way to get the kite to stay in the air.

  • Chalky's Cactus

    Chalky receives a cactus, but the children feel that the cactus would be better off back home with its real family. The children go on an adventure in search of the cactus's real home and family.

  • Snakes and a Plane

    Paula and her friends meet a prince and his overbearing guard in the Desert. While playing with the prince's cool new toy, the children discover he has a secret. What is it?

  • A Gift Fit for a Prince

    The children are invited to the palace for Prince Aamil's birthday party. They get Aamil a cool gift, but he seems to be disappointed with it. Find out what happened.

  • Growing Friendships

    Paula and her friends bring Banana Tree's friend home.

  • Handy Tim

    Tim is convinced he's a great handyman. His abilities are put the test when he's called upon to cover for Mr. Mechanic who is away on vacation. Will Tim live up to his self-proclaimed name, "Mr. Quick Fix?"

  • Curse Of The Ghost Monkey

    A fun night of camping turns spooky. Are there real ghosts in the jungle? :

  • Paula The Fashion Hat Designer

    Paula makes a new hat for Prince Aamil. But changing the prince’s outfit leads to some undesirable outcomes in the Desert.

  • Mr Nice Guy

    What happens when Maurice and Redbeard switch roles? Will Maurice be a better pirate captain than Redbeard?

  • Prince Tim

    Tim and Prince Aamil swap places for a day! What will the two boys learn as they spend their day walking in each other's shoes?

  • Aamil Sleepover

    Prince Aamil invites the children over to the Palace for a sleepover. No one wants to waste the night actually sleeping. The children plan all sorts of fun activities to keep awake, while trying to avoid getting caught by Mr. Guard.

  • Jungle Race

    Tim and Billy compete in a jungle car race. Paula helps both of them train. However, Tim is confident he'll be able to beat Billy without any training. Who will win the race?

  • Redbeard's Best Friend

    The children help Captain Redbeard to get back his best friend, Parrot.