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Counting With Paula S1 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S1 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S1 (ENG)
  • The Messy Camper

    The children are horrified to find the jungle in a mess! They go in search of the camper responsible and discover that he's a little strange. Together, they learn how to care for nature.

  • Let's Go See the Stars!

    The children learn how to use a compass to find the place where they can see the stars in the Desert night sky.

  • Pirate Tim

    What happens when Chalky gives Tim a mask that he can't remove?

  • Playing In The Rain

    Paula helps a fish in the ocean with the help of her friends.

  • Let's Dance!

    The children and Mr. Explorer have to pass a series of dance tests before they can enter the Jungle Music Festival. Will all of them make it through?

  • I Promise!

    Tim promises to let the other children play with his new toy race car. But why does it seem like they'll never get their turn?