Counting With Paula S1 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S1 (ENG)

Counting With Paula S1 (ENG)
  • Counting with Paula Compilation - Let's Play Together

  • Let's Play Together! | Paula (ENG)

    Tim wants to play mini-basketball, but none of the other children want to play that game. Can the children still have fun together while doing different activities?

  • Beach Carnival | Paula (ENG)

    Billy is not keen on taking part in some of the carnival games the other children want to play. Will the children still be able to have fun together at the beach carnival?

  • Where'd You Go? | Paula (ENG)

    Captain Redbeard steals the paper fans that Paula and her friends made to keep themselves cool in the hot weather. While searching for materials to make more fans, Tim goes missing.

  • What's the Time? | Paula (ENG)

    The children struggle to be on time for Mr. Totemhead's surprise birthday party. Will their tardiness cause everyone to miss out on all the birthday fun?

  • Counting with Paula Compilation - Beach Carnival

  • Mr. Dragon's Fire-Breathing Show | Paula (ENG)

    The children are super excited to watch Mr. Dragon's fire-breathing show. Everyone hurries to get there on time, but some of the children can't go as fast as the others. Will they get left behind and miss the awesome show?

  • (Don't) Help Me! | Paula (ENG)

    Captain Redbeard is sick, but he doesn't want to admit it. The children find out the real reason behind Redbeard's stubbornness and they get him the help he needs.

  • Why So Serious? | Paula (ENG)

    A game of coconut beach soccer becomes really stressful when some of the players start throwing tantrums. Will the children and their friends figure out how to keep the game fun for everyone?

  • Billys Cat Cousins | Paula (ENG)

    Billy wishes he had cousins like Paula and Tim has. The children set out to find Billy's cat cousins in the Desert. Will Billy be reunited with his family?

  • Save Billy | Paula (ENG)

    Despite their reluctance, Billy manages to convince Paula and the others to save Mr. Explorer from a sticky situation. However, when Billy is in danger, will his kindness be repaid?

  • The Sandcastle Destroyer | Paula (ENG)

    Captain Redbeard destroys the children's sandcastles. How will the children deal with a big, mean bully like Redbeard?

  • Revenge Of The Kids | Paula (ENG)

    A misunderstanding angers Captain Redbeard and he does something mean to get back at the children. How will the children respond to Redbeard?

  • Fake Happiness | Paula (ENG)

    Captain Redbeard is constantly ordering Maurice around. He even orders Maurice to be happy, but how could he if he's always being scolded? Can the children help Maurice with his emotions?

  • Mr. Totemhead's Twin | Paula (ENG)

    Mr. Explorer has captured Mr. Totemhead! What will Paula and her friends do to save Mr. Totemhead?

  • Big Wheels Turning | Paula (ENG)

    The children go for an adventure through the Jungle. But some of them aren't able to do certain things as well as the others. Will they give up and get left behind?

  • Tell the Truth! | Paula (ENG)

    Tim accidentally makes a mess, but he's afraid of owning up and tries to cover it up with a lie that just gets bigger and bigger.

  • Tim's Merit Badges | Paula (ENG)

    Tim is determined to earn more merit badges while on their camping trip. Will he manage to collect all of them?

  • Dangerous Actions | Paula (ENG)

    After watching a superhero movie, all Tim wants to do is be like his hero and save the day! But these action-packed stunts put Tim in some pretty dangerous situations. Will Tim need to be saved from himself?

  • Trash by the Ocean | Paula (ENG)

    The children are looking forward to a fun day out at Treasure Island. But their day is ruined the moment they arrive at the beach. Who or what could have made the beach look so… trashy?

  • Safety First | Paula (ENG)

    The children are trying to save the talking totem heads from Mr. Explorer. However, they don't have the appropriate safety equipment to navigate the jungle and end up learning painful lesson.

  • Helpful Tim | Paula (ENG)

    The children are determined to support Tim in helping as many people as possible. But they get distracted from their tasks. Will they end up being helpful to anyone at all?

  • Broken Things, Broken Friendships | Paula (ENG)

    When friends make a mistake, will getting angry at them make things better? Friendships are put to the test at Treasure Island.

  • Detective Tim | Paula (ENG)

    The children help Mr. Totemhead solve the mystery of his missing bananas.