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Comi & Bebe (ID)

Comi & Bebe (ID)

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Comi & Bebe (ID)
  • My Cousin Lisa

    While his parents are out, Comi’s teenage cousin Lisa is left to babysit. She thinks watching Comi and Bebe will be a “piece of cake” but that might be her undoing!

  • Don't get Sick, Mommy

    Bebe is annoyed that his mommy is always saying "no" when he wants to have fun. He decides that from now on he will have fun anyway. What's the worst that could happen?

  • My Very Own Room

    After learning that Comi has his own room, Bebe returns home and asks his mom and dad to make him one too. This will be the first time that Bebe sleeps alone but he is a brave little boy!

  • Comi the Little Explorer

    Comi dreams of being an explorer! While looking for treasure, he sees a rare and beautiful butterfly enter his house. Can Comi and his parents catch it?

  • Bebe Lives in Rainbow Village

    Dinosaur loving Bebe and little bear cub Comi receive a lot of love and have a lot of curiosity. However, friends tell Bebe that he is a “troublemaker”. Is Bebe really a naugty bear?