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Clever Cars

Clever Cars

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Clever Cars
  • Tea Party

    S1 E10 : Welcome to a tea party with cars and trucks for kids, friends! Watch the Clever Cars cartoon for kids and learn new things for children.

  • Tools

    S1 E9 : Today three kids' cars will repair a barrier at the kids' railway crossing. Learn more about tools for kids and play different kids' games!

  • Trains

    S1 E8 : In this baby cartoon for kids, learn more about toy trains for kids with our Clever Cars for kids. Play games for kids and learn with toy trains, cars, and trucks for kids!

  • Turtle

    S1 E7 : Let's build a turtle using different colors for kids and learn the name of each color! Three Clever Cars for kids will help us learn colors!

  • Sandbox

    S1 E6 : You'll learn new vehicles for kids: a toy train, a plane and a toy truck and then build a sandcastle with Clever cars!

  • Evening Concert

    S1 E5 : Three little, but very clever cars woke up in the morning and started to prepare for the concert of musical instruments. Cars should find all instruments, notes and collect all puzzles. Join them!

  • House of Shapes

    S1 E4 : Three clever cars build a house, but they haven't some parts, which are geometric shapes. Clever Cars need to find theese shapes and learn them all! Learn shapes and learn colors with Clever Cars! With your help cars will collect a new house!

  • Fruit Salad

    S1 E3 : Smart Animated Toy Cars Learn about FRUIT! The Clever Cars bring us Apples, Pears, Cherries, Oranges, Pineapples, Bananas & Strawberries. Let's Eat!

  • Colours

    S1 E2 : Learn colors with clever cars! Play puzzle games, collect a brige, play educational games and help cars to find all parts of color pyramid! Collect catepillar pyramid with clever cars!

  • Vegetables

    S1 E1 : "Watch ""Learn Colours"" and now Learn Vegetables! Clever Cars will bring us a Green Cucumber & Cabbage, Brown Potato, Orange Carrot, Red Radish, Red Tomato and an Egg-plant. Let's Eat!"