Chad's World (ENG)

Chad's World (ENG)

Chad's World (ENG)
  • Chad's World Compilation - Didie's Project

  • Formula | Chad's World (ENG)

    Bobby feels that he is overweight. He is asking Didie to create a formula for him to loose weight without any exercise. Bobby tries it. It works!

  • Diet | Chad's World (ENG)

    Didie’s slimming formula has a side effect on Bobby. Bobby is now back on exercise plan. However, Bobby is overdoing it. He falls sick. Chad advise them on the proper way to excersie and getting their body fit.

  • Liar! Liar! Take Your Tyre! | Chad's World (ENG)

    Jimi has a bicycle. He sold it to Fenggo. Fenggo happily bought the bike without knowing the condition of the deal that is; Fenggo still need to ask Jimi if he wants to ride the bike. Chad knew that Fenggo is being bullied by Jimi. Chad is helping Fenggo to solve the problem.

  • Math Guru | Chad's World (ENG)

    Chip is weak in mathematic. He always fail in exam. Chip’s grandpa asks Chad to teach Chip. After few classed, Chip becomes very good in math and he started to have a naughty plan to manipulate other using his math skill.

  • Skill | Chad's World (ENG)

    Jimi is so good at freestyle football. One day, Jimi challenges Chad to compete with him. After many times being mocked by Jimi, Chad finally accepts the challenge.

  • Can You Dance? | Chad's World (ENG)

    Elly wants to join a dance competition, but she needs a partner. Nobody wants to join her. Elly convinced Bobby to her dance partner. Bobby agrees half-heartedly. Can Elly win the competition?

  • Now You Can Swim, Now You Don’t | Chad's World (ENG)

    Chip is taking swimming lesson with Chad. After intensive training, Chip is now a good swimmer. Chip becomes arrogant. Chip makes fun for those who just started swimming. One day, while swimming, Chip injured himself and drowning. Fenggo comes to rescue Chip.

  • Fenggo's Bongo | Chad's World (ENG)

    Fenggo found a bongo. Chip tricked Fenggo to do a bongo music showcase even Fenggo is not good at it. Chip, Jimi and Koozie impose a high fee for those who wants to watch the showcase. After the showcase, audience wanted their money back because they felt cheated. Fenggo's performance was so bad....

  • Cleanliness | Chad's World (ENG)

    Fenggo is so obsessed with surfing. He claims he got no time to even clean himself up. One day, Fenggo falls sick. Chad knew Fenggo fell sick because of dirty surrounding in the area where Fenggo is hanging out. Chad and friends teaming up to clean the area. Fenggo promises to keep his area clean...

  • Jungle Trouble | Chad's World (ENG)

    Chip, Jimi and Koozie is playing in the jungle. Accidentally, they are lost and could not find way back home. It is already night time. Didie with the help of Chad and friends created a special robot to find Chip and his gang, and bring them home.

  • Oh My Business! | Chad's World (ENG)

    Chip, Jimi and Koozie is doing new business in the village. The deal was very fishy. Many people felt they were cheated by Chip and his gang. Chad starts a mission to investigate the case.

  • Chip's Project | Chad's World (ENG)

    Didie has won the Young Scientist competition with his jetpack project. Chip is jealous and feels challenged by Didie. He thinks he can do better than jetpack. Chip create a speed boat, with the help of Jimi and Koozie.

  • Didie's Project | Chad's World (ENG)

    Didie wants to join Young Scientist competition. He wants to build a jet pack. Chad, Elly and Bobbie are joining Didie. However, Chip sees this as a nerd project. Not cool. Chip, Jimi and Koozie plan to ruin Didie’s jet pack project.

  • Lost & Found | Chad's World (ENG)

    Chip claims he has the 6th sense. He can locate missing items easily. Anybody wants to use his service, must pay a high fee. Satisfaction guaranteed, he said. Chad senses something fishy and he launch an investigation to expose the scam.

  • Lost | Chad's World (ENG)

    Elly, Didie and Bobby on a mission to find rafflesia flower in the jungle. In the jungle, Bobby falls down and injured his leg. He can’t walk. Didie and Elly must find way to bring Bobby out before nightime.

  • Pollution | Chad's World (ENG)

    One day, Koozie falls sick. Chad believes it is due to the polluted river. Chip doesn't believe it. He says the evil spirit in the river is the cause of Koozie's sickness. Chad tries to educate the people on the importance of having clean environment.

  • Teamwork | Chad's World (ENG)

    Due to heavy storm, the bride in Jayaputra has broken so badly. Chip, Jimi and Koozie offer boat service to cross the lake, but the fare is too high. This caused troubles to village people. Chad and friends try to solve the problem by building a new bridge.

  • Sabotage | Chad's World (ENG)

    Chad and Fenggo is organizing a surfing class. Many kids interested to join the class. Seeing Fenggo's class receives good reception from the kids, Chip is jealouse and he doesn’t like it. He wants to sabotage Fenggo's surfing class.

  • Antique Watch | Chad's World (ENG)

    Fenggo found an antique watch. He wants to keep it but Chad advises him not to. Fenggo and Chad put up a ‘lost & found’ poster to relocate the owner of the watch. Upon noticing the poster, Chip, Jimi and Koozie try to take advantage of claiming the watch.

  • It Wasn't Me | Chad's World (ENG)

    Didie lost her favourite book and he accuses Chip of stealing it. Chip denies. Chad brings the case to Chief to solve it.

  • Surf N Furious | Chad's World (ENG)

    "Chad and Didie is helping Fenggo to pay for the surfing competition, however Chip, Koozie and Jimi see it as a useless activity.
    They will do what it take as long as Fenggo miss the competition"