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Brainy Bunch Animation Series S2

Brainy Bunch Animation Series S2

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Brainy Bunch Animation Series S2
  • A Helping Hand

    S1 E26 : Adam helps Nuna complete her rocket for her science project.

  • Vegetables Are Delicious

    S1 E27 : Ibo and Adam are eating their dinner, but there are still some greens left on Adam's plate!

  • Our Body Parts

    S1 E28 : Nuna and Bim arrange puzzle parts of the human body and learn where each part belongs.

  • Making Music

    S1 E29 : Bim teaches the basic notes of the musical scale with his little xylophone.

  • Saying Sorry

    S1 E30 : Rin accidentally throws Ibo's ball into the pond and Ibo gets upset.

  • Ablution

    S1 E31 : Adam teaches the proper steps of ablution for a valid prayer.

  • Being Responsible; Stop Littering

    S1 E32 : Ibo and Bim are strolling to the park when suddenly... a shocking sight!

  • Time To Bathe

    S1 E37 : Ibo refuses to take a bath after long hours of playing outdoors when unexpected guests start to follow him home.

  • Don't Play In The Rain

    S1 E47 : Ibo is about to run around the track when all the sudden thunder is heard and a lightning strikes nearby!

  • Sunshine Bliss

    S1 E48 : Nuna explains the advantages of the morning sun.

  • Counting Ladybirds

    S1 E43 : Nuna reads her book outside when So many ladybirds land on the pages of her story.

  • Pizza and TV

    S1 E41 : Adam eats some leftover pizza when Bim walks in asking for the last piece. Will Adam share his food?

  • The Four Weathers

    S1 E35 : A story by Rin and Adam about Adam and his kite-flying experience.

  • Stacking Cups

    S1 E34 : Bim and Rin are preparing for a small party tonight!

  • Studying With Adam

    S1 E36 : Adam reads the du'a before he studies and answers came to him with ease!

  • I'm Up Next

    S1 E45 : Rin has a speech to make and she is VERY nervous.

  • Teamwork

    S1 E50 : Adam and all his friends go on a short camping trip in the park.

  • We Built A Castle

    S1 E44 : Bim is bored with his cube building blocks. Ibo comes to the rescue with more shapes!

  • Roadsigns

    S1 E49 : Bim takes a little drive in his go-kart and learn the variety and importance of the road signs he sees on the go-kart track.

  • Honesty

    S1 E46 : Adam helps Bim look for the owner of the money he found at the park.

  • The Scenery

    S1 E39 : Bim draws a picture of the scenery to show his love and appreciation towards God's creation.

  • Oops! A Paper Cut!

    S1 E38 : Rin accidentally cuts her finger when making paper cranes with Nuna.

  • Cycling With Ibo

    S1 E42 : Ibo reminds Adam to always wear his helmet and safety pads when going cycling.

  • My Priorities

    S1 E40 : Rin has a lot of tasks to do today, but which one should she do first?