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Bonjour! (ENG)

Bonjour! (ENG)

Bonjour! (ENG)
  • Class 6: Numbers

    Bonjour! Oh no! We are at a bike race and they couldn't understand the countdown. Let's learn how to say it in french!

  • Class 5: Family

    Bonjour! Let's meet Aicha's family! They are going to teach us about family in french.

  • Class 4: Home

    Bonjour! Today we are going to learn about the names of rooms in our home while playing hide-and-seek!

  • Class 3: Self Introduction

    Bonjour! How are you? Where do you live? Let's learn how to introduce ourselves in French!

  • Class 2: Colours

    Bonjour! Red, Yellow, Blue! How to say red in french? Do you want to know? Let's learn together with Aicha!

  • Class 1: Greetings

    Bonjour Aicha! Hello! Let's learn how to say other greetings in french! It is so easy!